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500,000 Downloads Since June: The National Science Foundation’s Science360 for iPad App

I just met Paul David Flagg from the National Science Foundation where we are both presenting at the NOAA Communications Cafe for their executive team in Annapolis. I noticed he had some amazing pictures on his iPad and asked what they were. He said I was looking the National Science Foundation’s Science360 iPad App –Read… Read more »

D.C. Open Government Roundtable – Speakers Include Govloop, GSA, Granicus, Sunlight Foundation

Tomorrow, Granicus is hosting an Open Government Roundtable in Washington D.C. It’s a full day event bringing together all levels of government and industry thought leaders on transparency and open meetings to discuss changes in policy and technology and to learn best practices. This exciting event will shed light on the latest ways to useRead… Read more »

Agency data isn’t perfect and transparency isn’t enough

Raw data isn’t always the same as government transparency, said speakers and audience members during a May 25 session at the Gov 2.0 Expo in Washington, D.C. Said one audience member, “there are lies, damned lies, statistics and government data.” John Sheridan, head of e-Services and Strategy at the United Kingdom’s Office of Public SectorRead… Read more »

PAIRS Study: Relationship Skills Training Prevents Four Out of Five Divorces.

Four in five couples on the brink of divorce achieve significant, lasting improvements from participation in 9 – 12 hours of relationship skills training, according to research published by the non-profit PAIRS Foundation. Seth Eisenberg, PAIRS President and CEO, says the study has important implications for the public and policy makers. “We now know weRead… Read more »

Step Back from the Brink

A recent PAIRS Foundation research report found that four out of five couples on the brink of divorce can transform their relationships by participating in brief, evidence-based marriage education classes led by qualified instructors. The PAIRS study offers ample cause for distressed couples to step back from the brink of marital breakdown to explore howRead… Read more »

In Memory of David Evans, a Friend and Ally of the High Ground of Texas and the South Plains.

Today I have lost a dear friend and ally, David Evans. David was the Economic Developer in Plainview and served with me on the High Ground of Texas board of directors. Over the last several years David had become more than a colleague, he was a dear friend. We traveled many of the same roadsRead… Read more »

The Internationalists: the gov2.0 conversation goes global

Kublai, the Italian central government’s first (or at least one of the first) government 2.0 project, has quickly gained a certain international visibility. After two showcases with the European Commission (EUPS20 and Wikicrats) and a French exchange of ideas, last week it was the World Bank, following up on an interview I had given toRead… Read more »

Gov20 Collaboration Best Practices – Dan Munz at #pfgov

Shaping a Public Dialogue What works (we think!) Dan Munz @dan_munz NAPA National Academy of Public Administration Founded by former NASA head looking for expert management advice Our mission / vision questions are around: How can we make government better, more effective, more accessible, etc. Collaborative tools are mainstream Nearly every federal agency has figuredRead… Read more »

ForgeMil liveblogging “Community development is a contact sport”

Guy Martin, Community Manager [email protected] @guyma @ForgeMil “Government community development is a contact sport” @guyma @ForgeMil #pfgov #gov20 Vision: Develop a streamlined software development process for GIG (Global Information Grid) DoD Approach: Collaborative environment supporting all stakeholders through the lifecycle Why are we doing this? (Community Rationale) Software code has become central toRead… Read more »