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TSA IdeaFactory – Liveblogging Gov20 symposium

TSA IdeaFactory Tina Cariola, Program Manager, TSA Web-based tool empowering employing to submit ideas, provide comments on how to improve new concepts, etc. IdeaFactory launched in April 2007 to address 3 key needs: Engage employees — 50,000+ workforce spread all over the country Collect constant fresh input about how to improve safety and operations DisseminateRead… Read more »

State Dept: Liveblogging Public Diplomacy / Gov 2.0 Innovation Dr Jonathan Margolis

Dr. Jonathan Margolis, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Gov 2.0 Innovation / Public Diplomacy Mission: Engage, inform and influence foreign audiences in discussions about topics that are central to US interests. How will we use Web 2.0 tools and technologies to achieve this mission? One solution follows: Democracy video challenge: Challenge young filmmakers, democracy advocatesRead… Read more »

FutureGov competition winner reports back from PDF09

Back in January we ran a competition to send one lucky gov lover to Washington to attend the Politics Online conference. As it turns out, once we’d got everything tied up, it was time for Personal Democracy Forum 2009, so we shifted our plans and I travelled with competition winner Liz Azyan to PDF instead!Read… Read more »

DARPA Wants to See Through Concrete Walls; What Will They Think of Next?

Let’s face it. DARPA is always on the bleeding-edge when it comes to developing advanced technologies for defense. Just when you think they have outdone themselves, they come up with something even more mind-blowing. DARPA’s latest foray is into developing technologies that actually see through concrete walls, meaning there is no place for insurgents toRead… Read more »