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Daily Dose: Are You Being Too Close Minded About Your Job Search?

Are we being too closed minded when it comes to job searching? In the Washington Post article, “Want a federal government job? Think outside the box” by Derrick T. Dortch, he thinks along with diligence, networking and self-promotion that we need to think outside the box when it comes to the job search. He usesRead… Read more »

HR=Humans Represent: Public Sector Employment Isn’t So Pretty

This past Tuesday, I read a headline that the United States Postal Service was cutting 10 districts, and 7,500 administrative positions. I thought to myself here we go with Federal layoffs – I’m happy to report this isn’t so! If you research further, these position reductions will take place through attrition as eligible workers retireRead… Read more »

Where Would Diversity Be In America if YouTube Was Invented During Martin Luther King Jr’s Era.

Forty eight years ago,Dr. Martin Luther King Jr led approximately 250,000 men,women, and children to Washington DC for a March for Freedom and Jobs. In 1963 black unemployment was as high as 11%, while unemployments was only 6% for whites. A white family earned, on average about $6,500.00 a year while a black family earnedRead… Read more »

Is the State Department Wiki Leaks the Beginning of a Nightmare For Open Government?

After three days of consuming the best of cuisine during Thanksgiving holiday, I have once again experienced my usual holiday epiphany to become inspired. It is usually around this time of year, that I personally and professionally aspire to take my goal setting to the next level. Honestly speaking, I am excited about expanded hopesRead… Read more »

Did Open Government Hurt or Help The Obama Administration in 2010 Elections?

Did Open Government Hurt or Help The Obama Administration in 2010 Elections? It is usually during the first 100 days of a President’s term that are the defining Days of any Administration. President Obama defined his direction on January 22, 2008 day one. On November 2nd, 2010, with less than two hours away from theRead… Read more »

Building a Wiki Community: Partnerships Anyone?

When first launched in January 2009, we had very little partnership help. In the year since our launch, that has changed with brands like Foreign Policy teaming up with us during our Who Runs the War Project, which created thousands of extra page views. Main Justice, Medill Journalism School and Govloop are other partnersRead… Read more » Contest ends Wednesday! Re-branding web urls for Gov’t agencies

Al Kamen, Washington Post “In the Loop” columnist, is running a fun and thought-provoking Gov 2.0 contest via his WaPo column. He’s asking readers to submit memorable, succinct, humorous-yet-accurate alternate web urls for Gov’t agencies, such as for the CIA. Here are Al’s comments and instructions: What-Dot-Gov? Don’t forget to enter the Loop rebrandingRead… Read more »

Managing Risk, Innovation, and the Washington Post Test

This Washington Post article on Vivek Kundra, DC’s CTO, $23,000 off-site reminds me of the importance of the Washington Post test. A commonly used phrase in D.C. when working on the project – “How would it look on the front page on the Washington Post?” Unfortunately, that can lead to a risk-adverse approach. Because honestlyRead… Read more »