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Looking for social media process tips…

Hi everyone, I’m familiar with the process that some agencies have in place to implement social media guidelines and begin using the various tools. In many cases, the guidelines and processes are developed and implemented by the Communication/Public Affairs office — is this pretty much standard practice across the government? If so, I’d be interestedRead… Read more »

Intro to Greenies’ Guide to GovLoop

[April 2009 – the back story]I got inspired recently at a talk by “Wikinomics” co-author Anthony Williams. Some cool people were there, like Steve Ressler (is he everywhere?) and my boss (he might read this). Williams’ stories about social networks bringing people together to solve tough problems were powerful. But harnessing 2.0 tools still seemedRead… Read more »

Dealing With Email

Ahhh… The life of the 2008 government worker. Full of hours on Outlook (except you poor Lotus lovers) reading, writing, and loving email. And then there is managing email on the Blackberry. If you don’t watch yourself, you can end up spending all day on email. As such, you need a system to manage emails.Read… Read more »