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How HR can Promote Mindfulness in the Office

The goal of mindfulness is to be aware, moment by moment, of your body, your thoughts, your surroundings, and your motivations. While the practice of mindfulness originated in Buddhist meditations, secular use is very common. People practice mindfulness in different ways for various reasons, and many of the benefits are helpful in a work setting,Read… Read more »

Social Media in Government 101 Course Description, with Bibliography – Your Thoughts?

A few months ago, I was approached by a university and asked if I could teach a Social Media class. Though I have not committed to teaching the class (those of you who grade papers will know why), I have put together a rough outline of what I’d like to cover, how I’d structure theRead… Read more »

GPO’s 2009 Open House: New Products, New Services

This year will be our best year yet. The U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) invites customers from all federal agencies to participate in our 2009 Open House. Come see our creative professionals at work, learn about our new products and services, and enter to win FREE training or a FRAMED photo of our new President,Read… Read more »