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How To Implement The Customer Experience Advice In The US Digital Services Playbook

A few weeks ago, I advised federal agencies to build better digital customer experiences. I enjoyed the wave of hate mail that post generated, so I’d like to return to the topic of digital customer experience (CX) again this week. Even the US Digital Service (USDS) thinks federal agencies need better digital CX. Last year,Read… Read more »

4 More Tips for U.S. Digital Services & Agency Teams

Last August, when the U.S. Digital Services was announced, I wrote a blog post with 7 Ideas for the USDS. Yesterday, the White House announced in their 2016 budget a $100M program to expand digital services teams into 25 agencies. This is quite an impressive proposal and it also follows my first general tip forRead… Read more »

What We Should Learn from Apple

It’s been about 10 years. Apple went from creating one of the most interesting and successful media playing devices, the iPod, to generating the flagship mobile experience for consumers. Of course, I’m talking about the iPhone. The iPhone is simple, elegant, user friendly, and it just works, but the trick in the iPhone and theRead… Read more »