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Do you speak government?

I wanted to share this post with GovLoopers because it’s relevant to communicating both on behalf of — and to — government agencies. Would love to hear your thoughts: Part of being a good communicator is bridging the legitimacy gap with your audience. If you send a brochure or a blog post to an ArmyRead… Read more »

Being Vulnerable

Even typing the word vulnerable puts me into a quiet, soft mood—not normally the way most people would describe me. In a world where we are taught that harm lurks around every corner and we need to watch our backs, the last thing we want is to be vulnerable. Yet, what kind of world haveRead… Read more »

Service leaders in the community, nation, and world help answer the question “Why do you serve?”

Original post at Six weeks ago I started a regular Monday segment at that features personal thoughts and reflections on service, written (usually) by those who serve. I get a number of questions about the segment, so decided that I would discuss the idea a bit and recap the stories told since weRead… Read more »

Steve Pegram, Emergency Manager and USCG Auxiliarist, answers the question “Why do you serve?”

Steve Pegram is a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM), Coast Guard Auxiliary Aviator, and currently serves as Chief of the USCG Auxiliary Incident Management Systems Branch while serving with me in the USCG Auxiliary University Programs Branch. In his “day job,” Steve is “Senior Client Consultant for Crisis Communications & Operational Integration” at a great companyRead… Read more »

Jon Hemler, medical school student on a mission, answers the question “Why do you serve?”

As we continue to tell these great stories answering the question “why do you serve,” I have thought often of my best friend. A medical school at the University of Virginia, Jon Hemler has already devoted his life, passion, and resources to healing others. He distinguishes himself daily as a “hero in our midst,” whetherRead… Read more »

Colin and Alma Powell take on the high school dropout challenge, and then answer the question, “Why do you serve?”

Former Secretary of State, and retired Army General, Colin Powell and Mrs. Alma Powell hit the airwaves last week discussing their hopes and work to keep more kids in school. They spoke of a challenge and their reasons for taking it on, but as I watched the interview, I couldn’t help but think that weRead… Read more »

Just Added NEW WMU Course “Video Bootcamp”

We wanted to let you know of a new course we’ve just added from Web Manager University: an INTENSE two-day “Video Bootcamp” class in Washington, DC October 13-14. Because the format and cost of this class is different from our regular classes, please be sure to read the details below carefully. Please also share thisRead… Read more »

One more try re: Social Media being the prominent feature on new Defense Department’s home page, launched week of 8/17/2009;

I just accesed this article on the Federal Computer Week site, and pasted it here; if this active link does not work, I guess the old fashioned cut & paste is the last option; Sorry for the duplication! Nick