Integrating the citizen experience

How To Integrate Citizen-Focused Strategies at Your Agency

The government has some amazing programs. From health care to veterans’ programs to education and more, these programs can change people’s lives for the better. However, their success relies on people being able to understand how to access and take advantage of them. This is why digital communications and citizen engagement is so important.


What OPM’s EVS Analysis is Not Telling You

The EVS survey is administered to all federal staff across the government. It is a broad survey whereby OPM is trying to identify general trends in job satisfaction. My colleague Shivani and I started Lateral-Me ( because our years of experience in the government has resulted in general difficulties with accessing our career goals. Having… Read more »

Blank checklist on whiteboard with businessman hand drawing a red check mark in one checkbox

DorobekINSIDER Live: A Cybersecurity To-Do List

Cybersecurity is everywhere. Major attacks dominate the media, agencies shape their strategies around security, and almost all new employees have to learn about computer safety tips when they start a new job. But despite this apparent pervasive quality of cybersecurity, many agencies still struggle to develop a clear to-do list.

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Paradigm Shift: Engaging Citizens as Customers

The more digital engagement becomes culturally ingrained, the more vital it becomes to providing good customer service. To better reach customers, companies are using digital technology to promote, deliver, and enable innovative services that reliably create positive experiences for their target audiences. Now it’s up to government to meet this new standard.