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3 Things Your Millennial Leader Doesn’t Want to Hear

Millennials have been active in the workforce some time now, and they are moving into management and leadership roles in government and in private sector. With the advent of the millennial leader, expect changes. A new generation almost always means new rules.


A Speedy Transition to Modernizing Your IT Network

It’s no secret that many federal agencies’ servers and networks are outdated and inefficient. They are unable to exploit the advantages of mobility, cloud, social networking, and big data analytics, limiting the ability of government agencies to effectively serve their constituents. So how can agencies improve their network IT? Many private sector businesses are transitioning… Read more »


Should You Be a Data Scientist?

Paradoxically, given the breadth of what “data science” means, the specific training and expertise is often very narrow. Students and young professional need to be well informed of the options and their personal strengths in programming, analytics, or subject matter expertise to apply the output of data science to their academic training.

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Do You Share?

With the Thanksgiving holiday being celebrated in the United States this week, let’s discuss what it really means to share with someone else. Hint: no money has to change hands.