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Get rid of pesky details: Story Mapping

At last night’s GovLoop Esri Meet Up: Maps Bring Your Story to Life, GIS lovers gathered to learn about and discuss one of Esri’s most successful applications- Story Maps! The event began with presentations from Esri workers, a real story map user at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and a story map expert… Read more »

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Every community can be a smart community

Esri knows that government is always looking for ways to create better public service. By using smart, responsive tools, local governments are more effectively performing everyday tasks for their citizens. Applied geography through Esri’s ArcGIS platform has proven to help governments create smart communities. With the utilization of all ArcGIS has to offer, cities and towns across the… Read more »

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A Quick Refresher on Tricky Word Choices

Now that we’ve all mastered when to use “they’re,” “their,” and “there” appropriately, here are the correct uses of some other tricky word choices that threaten to derail a well written sentence. Follow these general rules to avoid an embarrassing mistake in your next email. Than / Then Use “than” when comparing two things. For… Read more »

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DorobekINSIDER LIVE: A Note to Cloud Laggies

It’s an accepted fact that cloud is a valuable and respected technology in government. But it hasn’t always been. Let me tell you how we achieved cloud acceptance. First, we noted cloud’s ability to achieve cost-benefits, greater efficiencies, agility and resiliency. Then, we discovered that the cloud could create faster application changes and propel the… Read more »

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8 Ways to Lead More, Better

Leaders who accept their own limitations and find out what they don’t know demonstrate a sense of humanity and realness to others. People can see when leaders try their best and sincerely care about them. In return, the result is cooperation and comradery, further supporting the goals of the organization and making the workplace more… Read more »

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Want to Lead? 18 Leadership Training Options for Feds

The United States Office of Personnel Management has been working for awhile now to better enhance leadership development to keep qualified employees moving into management positions. This has included developing a training framework for future leaders, as well as defining performance metrics for the SES. Still, agencies have been given a fair amount of leeway when it… Read more »


Move Fast Without Breaking Things

This post is an excerpt from our recent guide, Agile, DevOps & More: How to Succeed at Government Project Management. To download the guide for free, head here. Today’s IT public sector development atmosphere is incredibly different than even a decade ago. Organizations must balance high velocity software development in a world of increasing compliance, security… Read more »