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2010 Australian Federal Election

OK. It’s an election year in Australia this year. If everyone’s vision of Gov 2.0 were a reality right now, how would Australia’s election be conducted? What would the relationship between citizens, government and political parties look like? What advice would you give to our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard or opposition leader Tony Abbott onRead… Read more »

Should we retire old public servants? A view from Australia

Hi Folks – Nothing like a wintery day in Canberra to get the brain ticking over. Does your jurisdiction or department look like this? OK. Now that I’ve set myself up for being somewhat discriminatory consider this. The age profile of the APS is predominantly middle aged and upward. 45 to 55 + account forRead… Read more »

Australia – Principles for citizen : public servant engagement

Hi Folks I’m guessing that many Govloop members are not aware of the AGIMO Blog recently set up in Australia. What struck me was the absence of something really simple to assist people who do not ordinarily blog to engage. With that thought in mind I whipped up something for AGIMO and they have postedRead… Read more »

Australian Government response to Gov 2.0 Taskforce Report

The Government has responded to the report and has agreed to almost all the recommendations. Looking at the response the question of public service culture looms large. My take is that this is going to be a difficult journey for some. Get the response here >>> Steve D OZloop