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Social media and Australian public servants – Online participation not wanted?

Hi Govloopers – How does this compare to the situation in the United States or Canada? What is your reaction to this? Read an interesting piece by Markus Manhheim, Public Service Reporter, Canberra Times – PS on notice over social media use. I know that central agencies in the public sector do not deliberately issueRead… Read more »

5 Ways to Disengage your Workforce

I came across an interesting post on headshift by Anne Bartlett-Bragg. 5 Ways to Disengage your Workforce. It struck me as being interesting post. Partly as I have long been a fan of the the antithesis lens. Have you ever noticed that HR types start getting all warm an fuzzy when the prospect of anRead… Read more »

Does the public service need more free radicals?

A Manifesto for Free Radicals by Scott Belsky is nothing short of awesome. It certainly has inspired me – and clarified many of my observation about the public service. Ok. I’ve put together this post based on my experiences here in Australia. But how does the public service in your part of the world measureRead… Read more »

Smart Government Australia 2011 Conference – My account of Day 1

OK. It’s good to get back into Govloop. I recently spoke at the Smart Government Conference held in Canberra, Australia. I also chaired the first day – tiring, but fun. Not all the conference papers are available just yet, but I want to do is share my account of day 1 of the conference withRead… Read more »

Social Media: Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse + Workplace Zombie Alert

What a creative approach to public health. It has it all. Engaging, creative, edgy and powerful. But what about the Zombie Workplace? Get your survival guide here. The idea is the same. Get a kit, Make a Plan, Be prepared. The best advice we can give is stay connected. Tweet away and post any intelligenceRead… Read more »

Management 1.0 – How are things in the U.S?

In Australia management in the public sector has an unhealthy managerialist bent. In a nutshell, a one size fits all approach coupled with the inherently arrogant notion that ‘more management’ is the solution to everything. In the main, this sad state of affairs has been peddled in the public sector by strategic human resources orRead… Read more »

Alert : Outbreak of Organisational Development Disorder

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on Govloop. Been hugely busy. It’s good to be back. My good colleagues Bec Gallen and Michelle Nutting and I were exploring the following questions a couple of weeks ago: How could we encourage discussion of the palpable resistance to social media within public service agencies? This discussionRead… Read more »