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Prevent Insider Threats by Implementing Layered Security

To find out more about the risks of insider threats, check our new GovLoop Academy course, A Layered Approach to Insider Threat Prevention. This blog post is an excerpt from the course. Insider threats are dangers that originate within an organization, and they’re one of the biggest hazards that agencies face. They can come in allRead… Read more »

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The Four Phases of the Software Development Lifecycle

There are four main stages of software evolution – development, testing, deployment and monitoring. To ensure every application at your agency is secure, you must ingrain security in each cycle of development, no matter what process management approach your agency uses to create applications.

How Santa Clara County Used E-Signatures to Cut Costs and Improve CX

To unlock employee productivity and discover cost savings, Santa Clara County turned to e-signatures. Dunkin’s staff conducted a study on the savings Santa Clara County accrued by establishing digital workflows, and the results were “mindboggling.”