Opening Up GovLoop So More Awesomeness

What if more government rockstars could find and join GovLoop? That’s the question I’ve been mulling over the past few months. You’ve probably seen the forum and blog posts from Community Manager Andy K: Should OpenGov Spark OpenGovLoop? Open GovLoop? You Decide. Your response was overwhelmingly positive to this idea of “opening GovLoop.” I would… Read more »

10 Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Use Social Media

10 (Er..5) Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Use Social Media From Nina of British of Columbia Gov’t…A recap Commonly reasons why we shouldn’t use social media (I only got 5 of 10…lost my notes) -It’s too fluffy -We can’t measure it -There’s more important stuff – wars, environment, etc -Already good communication channels in place –… Read more »

Thank You to New Community Leaders!

I don’t normally give personal shout-outs, but I wanted to extend a special thanks to a bunch of brand new GovLoop Community Leaders. They responded to a GovLoop Special Edition email where we made an appeal for GovLoopers to “Be a Leader.” And they’re already making their unique mark on GovLoop. This is kind of… Read more »

Releasing GovLoop iPhone App

Yes. We got an app for that. Today, we release the GovLoop iPhone app. It’s pretty cool – you can read the latest blogs and discussions on GovLoop, get the top gov’t news via GovZine from all your favorite sites, and also pulls in the top govt Twitter tags. Plus more goodies like key events,… Read more »