Member of Week – Kevin Curry & CityCamp Story

I’m a big fan of Kevin Curry and the whole CityCamp movement….so thought I would reach out and hear a little a bit about the history of CityCamp and where it is going. 1 – What is CityCamp? CityCamp is an unconference focused on innovation for municipal governments and community organizations. Our tag line is… Read more »

Project of Week – Redesign

So I noticed on Twitter that @andrewpwilson was part of a team that was doing a redesign of and I thought it would be a great project of week to hear the story about it. I reached out and here’s his responses. Shout out to team – First things first, Andrew wanted to make… Read more »

Gov 2.0 Radio – Yammer CEO David Sacks

David Sachs – Yammer -private, social network for just your company or organization -private Facebook or Twitter -web 2.0 company Intranet -not just small business, but large businesses too -U.S. Department of Interior, Fish and Wildlife -using for Gulf oil space -NASA been using it -Snowmaggedon – lot of govt agencies using Yammer during snowmaggedon… Read more »

Gardening at Work?

I know a lot of companies are looking for interesting way to improve employee morale and health but I would not have thought as gardening as way to do that. After reading this article creating a company garden has a lot of benefits in improving the quality of life in the workplace. Here’s the article,… Read more »

Top 5 Ways to Use “Use or Lose” Time

*********************************************************************** Not a Govloop Member? 30 Secs & Free to Join for Great Info & Perks *********************************************************************** Top 5 Ways to Use “Use or Lose” Time So it’s end of the year and you have “use or lose” vacation time that you have to spend or it goes away. Here’s 5 ways to optimize the… Read more »

9 Rules of the Road for Reaching Millennials

Yesterday, I posted a slide deck about “Social Media: Time Saver or Sucker?” from my talk at a National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) professional development event. Well, I was busy at the event and also presented on marketing and leading Millennials. Below is that deck: 9 Rules of the Road to Reach Millennials View… Read more »

The War of Online vs Offline

Originally posted in my series at Huffington Post People love controversy. And people love conflict. It’s often X vs Y. David vs Goliath. Cowboys vs Redskins. I see this often in the new media space as well. Print is dead. Online is king. Traditional in-person meetings are out. Online communities are the future. Well, guess… Read more »