Is Your Agency SMART?

We all know that government agencies are constantly under pressure to make their conversations with constituents measurable, and results-based to justify the investment. One stand-out action the city of New York is doing to keep this at the forefront of importance is driving an advisory board of SMART members (the Social Media Advisory and ResearchRead… Read more »

Thoughts on Microsoft Live 365 & The Move to the Cloud

Last Thursday I was invited to attend a preview of Microsoft Office 365 – Microsoft’s new cloud offering for collaboration. First thing’s was held at the new Microsoft Innovation Center at 9th/K in DC – building is amazing. And it seems they eat their own dogfood – the whole building operates on MS cloudRead… Read more »

5 Tips for Keeping Your Work Love-Tank Full

I read the very cheesy, mildly useful book “The Five Love Langauges” a few months ago. The basic premise is 2-fold: 1) everyone can be categorized into 1 of the 5 “love languages,” and 2) we all have a “love tank” that needs to be refilled so we can continute to power down life’s highway.Read… Read more »

Where Were You?

Today is 1 month before 9/11/11. Where were you on this day burned into the hearts of all of us? I was in my American Women Writers 8am class at Boston College…the teacher came in, but didn’t turn on the lights, and we were all immediately excused. Favorite