Project of the Week: Intranet Makeover, British Columbia Style

So here’s the deal. The entire province of British Columbia just gave their government intranet system a complete facelift and let’s just say the result could be an episode of “Pimp Your Site” if that show even existed. Anyways the public servants in BC are now rocking out with an intranet system that includes drupal,Read… Read more »

The New Norm: Work is Not Where You Go, It’s What You Do

Originally published under the title “Workplace Flexibility as the New Normal” as part of “The FCW Challenge” by Anne Weissberg, William D Eggers, May 14, 2010 As William Gibson wrote in Neuromancer, “the future has already arrived. It’s just not evenly distributed yet.” If you think that the federal government will never go to aRead… Read more »

What’s the Next Generation of Government?

We are super excited at GovLoop to partner with Young Government Leaders on the Next Generation of Government Summit. Ever since I joined government in 2004, I’ve been passionate about creating the future of government service – from creating and connecting future leaders to reimagining how to deliver services. This is the first-ever conference forRead… Read more »

What is the Biggest IT Change in the Last 30 Years?

Collaboration has come a long and I do mean a LONG way in the last 30 years. So with all the advances out there what is the single most important one? You can vote here: I mean there are several to chose from: E-mail, Internet, Cell Phone and Shared Drives, and if we haven’tRead… Read more »

Why Government Has a Hard-Time Recruiting at Harvard

Great article on why Harvard kids go to work to Wall Street and not public service jobs. Short story..not money or work. It’s – the process is straight-forward and easy. Here’s a quote “it is simply easier to get a corporate firm job than any other job. By contrast, it’s hard to get aRead… Read more »