Gov 2 Expo – Citizen Engagement Rocking Out

Dan Munz of GSA and Peter Levin VA CTO talking about citizen engagement… Some key take aways-Citizen engagement is about making GOVERNMENT WORK BETTER…Not about cool tech, cool ideas.-GSA has lots of upcoming items including challenge platform, citizen engagement platform, and Fedspace coming up. VA is serious about engagement-300,000 employees in VA, 50,000 in VBA-VeteransRead… Read more »

5 Tips for Achieving Social Network Awesomeness

As part of The FCW Challenge, GovLoop and Federal Computer Week have been making pretty provocative statements, including the claim that “government social networks are Towers of Babel, doomed to topple.” In fact, we suggested that “social networking sites are designed to break down the silos of work and social groups and enable people toRead… Read more »

TSA CIO on The Need for Collaboration

I was at Management of Change conference in Philly this morning and saw the Chief Information Officer for TSA speak – Dr. Emma Garrison – Alexander Here are my notes Building 30 year collaboration… -Some people hear collaboration and only think of 2009 and on Collaboration defined – a true partnership in which both organizationsRead… Read more »

What’s the ROI? 9 Practical Skills You Will Learn at NGG

GovLoop has teamed up with Young Government Leaders to launch Next Generation of Government Summit, July 6 & 7. More information and this blog appear at Working in government, you often get the question “What’s the ROI?” Or “If I send you to that training or conference, what will you learn and bring backRead… Read more »

MOC – WH Cybersecurity Chief speaks

So I’m in Philly this week at Management of Change Conference. I’ve been tweeting away #moc10 but also took some notes. Here’s my notes from the speech by Chris Painter, Senior Director for Cybersecurity Change in threat landscape -Criminals in early 90s were mostly individuals for their gratifications -Now – Transnational criminal groups – goalRead… Read more »