The H1N1 Rapper

The H1N1 Rapper By now you may have seen the winning entry for the HHS H1N1 Public Service Announcement Contest. It’s a doctor who is a rapper who raps about how to prevent H1N1. Personally, I find it hilariously awesome. Who knew that would be the winning entry? Who knew we had a rapping doctor?… Read more »

Measuring Social Media and Determining Next Steps

Slides from a presentation I delivered this past Monday at the Advanced Learning Institute’s Social Media for Government conference. What do you think of the method we lay out? Would this method be useful in your agency? Measuring Social Media And Determining Next Steps View more documents from GovLoop. Favorite

Open Government Directive – Read and Discuss It Here

For your convenience, we’ve uploaded the Open Government Directive to our Scribd site and embedded it here for quick review, dissemination and dialogue. What are your initial thoughts? You may also be interested in these forum discussions: 1. Is your agency ready for open gov? 2. How do you define government transparency? Open Gov Directive… Read more »

Draft Australian Gov 2.0 Taskforce Report

Cross-posted from Gov 2.0 Taskforce blog: Here is the draft Government 2.0 Taskforce report Engage: Getting on with Government 2.0. The Taskforce is seeking your comments and input before finalising the report to go to Government. Please understand that this is a draft and there will be some proofing issues which we are still working… Read more »

Member of the Week: Dustin Haisler

When I received an invitation to present for the Texas Certified Public Manager in San Marcos, TX, this past week, I immediately thought of Dustin Haisler. Haisler wears many hats for the city of Manor, which is a few miles northeast of San Marcos just outside of Austin. He and his colleagues are finding creative… Read more »

How-To: Write Post-Interview Thank-You

POST-INTERVIEW THANK-YOUS By Lily Whiteman, author of How to Land a Top-Paying Federal Job and Federal Times Columnist Question: What is the first thing you should do after you get home from a job interview (after you rip off your uncomfortable interview outfit but before you pour yourself a stiff, cold drink)? Answer: Write a… Read more »

Failure: The Most Important, Undiscussed Element of Gov 2.0

I just experienced an embarrassing failure. Or did I? This afternoon, I was scheduled to appear by Skype to speak on the topic of Gov 2.0 leadership. Two hours prior to the event, the onsite tech guy and I tested the connection and it worked perfectly. We could see and hear one another and the… Read more »

Thoughts from Chris Hughes – co-Founder of Facebook

(photo courtesy of Bisnow) I attended a fascinating event this past Wednesday where Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook discussed the “new information revolution.” The Washington Business Journal did a great write-up that I think is worth sharing. But first, take a closer look at the photo taken back in 2004 @ Harvard. Chris Hughes is… Read more »

The Life of a Flyer

The Life of a Flyer So I spend a lot of times on airplanes. Primarily this USAirways route from Tampa to DCA. It’s pretty good – on-time, free Coke Zero, and it is direct. Every flyer has a routine. Some do work, some read a Kindle, some have magazines. Lately, I’ve been using it as… Read more »