Federal Eye: $100 Million in Savings, Pinch by Pinch

Remember back in April when President Obama ordered the Cabinet to come up with $100 million in costs savings? And remember when critics blasted the plan as too little too late? Government penny-pinchers have found a way to save $102 million this fiscal year and another $140 million during fiscal year 2010. The solution? InstallRead… Read more »

UPDATE: OGI Conference “TweetBook” (First Ever!) Coming Together – Help?

Hi again, Folks! Several of us (me, Marie Crandell, Pam Broviak, Roberta Croll, Nichole Uiterwijk, Helen Ortel, etc.) have spent the last couple days working on what I believe will be the first-ever “TweetBook” (at least from a government conference!). Here’s how it looks at the moment (not too shabby, eh?!): OGITweetBook – OverallMock-Up.doc WhatRead… Read more »

Federal Eye: Uncertified Guards Protected FDA Headquarters

At least 58 private contract security guards with improper credentials were reassigned from the Food and Drug Administration headquarters in Rockville this month after an inspection by the Federal Protective Service, according to two FPS officers familiar with the incident. The contractor, Chenega Integrated Services Inc., was also fined about $163,000 and ordered to reviewRead… Read more »

Common Sense Is Not So Common

Twelve years ago I was working for a rapidly growing technology provider who was preparing for one of their most important client meetings to date. The deal alone – if secured – would crush their revenue goals, so preparedness was key and professionalism paramount. Keep in mind that we were a “fun startup” in theRead… Read more »

Acquisition Workforce Reform Starts From Within

From The Acquisition Corner The Federal Acquisition Innovation and Reform (FAIR) Institute, a nonprofit focusing on federal contracting reform, earlier this month released a report on acquisition workforce development in conjunction with their Point of View series on federal contracting. The report, like their earlier work, is a common-sense approach to tackling difficult issues inRead… Read more »

Looking for Human Resources Practitioners to Connect on GovLoop and LinkedIn for future research….

I will be starting my PhD in Education this fall, with my discipline focusing on (Ok here goes, its long!) – Occupational Studies and Technology with a Focus on Training & Development in Human Resources. I’m going to Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. I’m very excited about this third degree (I also have Bachelor’sRead… Read more »

GovLoop Microlending Statistics

For those of you who know me, I am a numbers guy. So I decided to look at the numbers of the GovLoop lending team (on the Kiva website)… * We have participated in 54 loans totaling almost $72,000 (GovLoopers lent $3,825 of that amount). * The largest total of loans went to Tanzania ($11,300)Read… Read more »

A Look Back to 2003

Good morning! It’s your weekly Monday morning dose of TSP Talk. Stocks are certainly due for some sort of a pullback, but that could just be a short-term bump in the road ahead. Looking at chart after chart suggests that this market may be for real, despite our fears about the economy. Buying at theRead… Read more »

Sweet Gov Conference Tweets – Open Government & Innovations Conference (#OGI) – Part 7 Final

July 22, 2009 continued 1:00 pm PacificFleet: RT @FlexPlexico: Don’t complain about social media policy unless you’re willing to change it – #ogi 1:01 pm US_EUCOM: Looking forward to the panel on Measuring the Impact of Social Media. #ogi 1:03 pm washingtronic: lol @Dave_Ferguson: [email protected] Fed hiring process IS onerous, in the way thatRead… Read more »