GovLoop Member of the Week

Living in DC during inauguration weekend can be a bit challenging, although extremely exciting as well. For an Arizonian like myself, going outside in 10 degree weather (0 degrees with the windshield) is more than challenging, it’s torture! At any rate, in thinking about whom I would interview for GovLoop, the choice was pretty easy.Read… Read more »

Cops 2.0

I want to tell you about a really cool site that is being built and looks like it is going to be a great tool! Go to: You will find resources that are helpful to departments that want to go to the next level. The fact is that modern law enforcement will utilize theseRead… Read more »

IT Strategy

I’ve been noticing the great conversations people are having here about how to use IT in their agencies, and I added some thoughts of my own here, at FedBlog. An excerpt appears below, and I’m only sorry I wrote it before Marcus Peacock wrote his great posts on blogging as a place to solicit commentsRead… Read more »

Singapore govt experiments with social media

The Singapore government is on Facebook. Why? Dr Amy Khor, Member of Parliament, Mayor of Singapore’s Southwest district and Chairman of government feedback agency REACH, has the answers. Interview: Alice Kok For government feedback agency ‘REACH Singapore’, new media is a key opportunity to drive public feedback and citizen participation. An acronym for “Reaching EveryoneRead… Read more »

Federal Eye: Suggested Questions for Arne Duncan

Chicago schools chief Arne Duncan hopes to serve as the nation’s next education secretary, but first he has to win the approval of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. He’s never been a teacher or principal, but has won positive reviews for his reform of the Windy City’s education system. The General AccountabilityRead… Read more »

Lessons From My Childhood – S.P.U.D.

By almost any measure, I had a very typical ’70s childhood. We lived in a young subdivision, explored everything, got in big trouble, suffered injuries, had divorced parents and viewed the world with an overarching sense of wonder and opportunity. We were a very creative group of kids, and since our parents weren’t wealthy weRead… Read more »