The government wants change. Will they bring in the right cultural experts to make it happen?

NOTE: This is my column from my Women’s Entrerepreneur column that I write for the DC Examiner. This and past columns can be found at Last week I attended an Excellence in Government breakfast at the National Press Club. The panel spoke on “Human Capital” and the future of civil service. Allow me toRead… Read more »

Sweet Government Conference Tweets – Crisis Camp Day 2 & Beyond (#crisiscamp)

(All times are Pacific) June 14, 2009 12:49 am younghahn: #crisiscamp 3:27 am xpeditenetwork: Ready for day two of #crisiscamp. No disaster is too great for us (unless we run out of coffee) 5:27 am svenburg: @vladvino thanks Vlad! Camping day # 2 today. #crisiscamp 6:03 am kgfreeman: Running late to #crisiscamp, but because theRead… Read more »

Sweet Government Conference Tweets – Crisis Camp Day 1 (#crisiscamp)

Crisis Camp was held on June 13, 2009 and June 14, 2009 in Washington DC. Below is the Twitter stream related to this conference along with some stats of the #crisiscamp hashtag on Twitter. Related Tweets made on the few days following the conference are included because they have links to some great blog postsRead… Read more »

Sweet GovTweets 06.16.2009

Good Morning! Today’s tweets feature numerous updates from @dslunceford @GovTwit providing information about all of the new additions to the Government Twitter directory, including the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management from my home state. This is a great resource, continually expanding resource, check it out. My favorite tweet today was from @timoreilly quoting Vivek KundraRead… Read more »

Asia Location and City Branding

Branding a nation, location or city in Asia is not just advertising. AsiaPac cities must develop a global reputation of creating and adding value and yet concurrently command emotional resonance as part of their unique selling proposition. Those which do not invest enough to build the relevant and visible brand equity will not be effectiveRead… Read more »

Asia’s City Economic Development

Nineteenth-century San Francisco went from a rough-and-tumble boomtown to a Victorian city with cosmopolitan ambitions. Its development was controlled by a small group of oligarchs: miners, industrialists, financiers and real estate speculators who hoped to forge a world-class metropolis in a single generation, enriching themselves in the process. The private sector is made up ofRead… Read more »

Sweet Gov Conference Tweets – Blog Potomac Part 5 (final) (#blogpotomac)

12:00 pm matterhornpat: was fun to watch @netsolcares super bowl coup #blogpotomac 12:00 pm amandachapel: #BLOGPOTOMAC UPDATE via @AlbrightDC “Drinking in the afternoon. Quite the unconference. They even have Magic Hat.” (Ya can’t make this up.) 12:00 pm maggielmcg: @DeirdreReid I was supposed to go but mom guilt won out. I’m glad I went toRead… Read more »

Sweet Gov Conference Tweets – Blog Potomac Part 4 (#blogpotomac)

10:45 am bRCGST: #blogpotomac trend? RIHANNA SEX TAPE released .. so sad 10:46 am clairethomey: #blogpotomac is starting up again after lunch and networking break. 10:46 am nathanbetz: RT @MktgJobsDC: …spammers jumping in on #blogpotomac. Check out this great article on real-time twitter spam. 10:46 am sliqviq: @LYF108 getting a shot out atRead… Read more »