Travis County Makes Audits Less Taxing

Travis County, Texas, is legally required to audit its property tax refunds, but a heavier workload (and no additional resources) made that increasingly difficult — until the auditor’s office implemented a new automated analytics tool, that is. Processing time has plummeted by 91%, among other dramatic achievements.

To Be AI-Ready, Agencies Must Break Free From the Chaos of Connectivity

Agencies today suffer from a “chaos of connectivity” — a morass of systems that are integrated to an extent, but don’t talk to one another — and that prevents agencies from easily accessing large swaths of data. A new platform that addresses all of an organization’s integration patterns can solve the problem.

Maryland County Shapes Growth Strategy with GIS-enabled Digital Twin

In Maryland’s most densely populated municipality, government planners are using geographic information system (GIS) technology, including interactive 3D models, to design innovative housing and land development projects.