5 Pitfalls of Digital Transformation (and how to avoid them)

It feels like everybody’s in the midst of a digital transformation these days. I had the privilege of having a front-row seat to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs successful transformation when I was its Chief Technology Officer and have since served as a crisis engineer on many failing digital transformations. Here are five pitfallsRead… Read more »

CX Innovation: Reminder Text Messages Make a Difference

People often learn they’ve lost access to social services benefits when they try to access them and fail. An innovative Louisiana program, called LA’MESSAGE, works to change that by sending text message reminders about deadlines, submission requirements, and other concerns.

What Collaborative Technology for Government Should Look Like

As agencies transition to more hybrid work, they need collaborative technology that allows employees to communicate seamlessly and securely, from anywhere and across various mediums. That includes phone solutions.

Pitch to Win: Making Your Proposals Successful

Innovation starts with ideas, and you’ve got plenty of good ones. But getting them across to decision-makers can seem daunting. It doesn’t need to be. Giving a good pitch involves techniques and skills that you can learn and practice. We asked two innovation experts to share what works. Choose Winning Ideas “You’re not going toRead… Read more »

Government Agencies Need Generative AI Laboratories

Government agencies need room to find out the best uses of AI to achieve their goals and to help those they serve. They need AI laboratories that provide a safe space to experiment, to find out what works, and — maybe more importantly — what doesn’t.