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How Good Teaming Partners Are Like Parking Spaces

Once you have identified a few candidates for teaming, you should investigate them further to learn more about their capabilities and intention for this pursuit. Good teaming partners are like parking spaces in an office building’s parking lot. The closest ones to the building get taken by those diligent souls who arrive to work beforeRead… Read more »

5 Must Haves In A Contractor Teaming Agreement

I have explained to you what a contractor teaming agreement is and how it is used in an earlier post here. Now I want to provide a few tips on specific elements that you must have in your agreement. A CTA is a valid contract that is meant to define the duties that are toRead… Read more »

Lockheed Martin Teaming Suggestions via @govwinteam

Two main themes emerged from today’s Teaming Suggestions Webinar with Lockheed Martin’s Bob Gemmill: As a small business looking to partner with a large integrator, do your homework; and don’t be vague and tell a Prime that you can “do whatever they need you to do.” [Editor’s Note: Bob’s archived video can be found onRead… Read more »

Proposal Lessons from an Aerial Forest Adventure Park

Would you rather listen to this article? Here it is Proposal Lessons from an Aerial Forest Adventure Park, read by Olessia. A week ago I invited a very fit and adventurous girlfriend of mine (whom my husband says reminds him of Angelina Jolie) to join me in climbing in the largest aerial forest adventure parkRead… Read more »

Six aspects of capture – pre-proposal preparation that makes a winning difference

Bidding on government opportunities without proper capture planning is like taking a pile of $100 bills and going to a pool hall to play against the local pool sharks. In government proposals, just like in the pool hall, there are those who know what they are doing, and those who don’t. Those who know whatRead… Read more »