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Persuasive Networks

Words can be powerful. They influence purchases – “I’ll buy this good over that good”. “This good is better for me”. “I want that”. In government, they affect public opinion – “I am/am not for government sponsored healthcare reform”, “ I am for less taxes” “We need more roads”. This is why the industry ofRead… Read more »

I am Amver video project

Since the IMO declared 2010 the Year of the Seafarer we thought we could expand on that campaign and put together an Amver video. Amver would not be a success without the work and dedication of mariners and rescue controllers. The other part of Amver are the survivors. All of these pieces make the AmverRead… Read more »

Navigating the Social Media Landscape

“Social Media” is a squishy topic to a lot of people, and particularly to decision makers within many organizations. The gurus seem to know what they are talking about — mostly — but even the concept of “social media expert” is riddled with fallacy. The problem, as I see it, is that social media hasRead… Read more »

Social Media & Government: An Oxymoron or a Perfect Challenge? orginally published by NAGC Newsletter, February 2010Social Media & Government: An Oxymoron or a Perfect Challenge?Author: Andrea Schneider Social Media is an Open System. Thriving social media sites are interactive, ever evolving, receptive to change, build relationships, share information, and rely on constant communication. They are community building, dependent on participation, and highly collaborativeRead… Read more »

2 Quick Arguments for Workplace Social Media

“The Real Challenge of Web 2.0” by Mark Oehlert makes 2 simple, awesome points about workplace social media. “The reason these objections [Fear, Control and Trust of social media] are a collective red herring is that social media actually do not create any of these as new vulnerabilities. If employees have e-mail and phones orRead… Read more »

Australian Taxation Office on Twitter

News from OZ I have often drawn attention to the fact that Australian Public Service agencies seem reticent about social media and Gov 2.0 Lead agencies are crucial to setting an example to other Agencies and it is excellent to observe that the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is doing just that. The ATO has recentlyRead… Read more »

Further adventures in social media. (Aaaargh!)

I spent the morning live-tweeting an appearance before a state Senate committee by Kansas Secretary of Transportation Deb Miller. KDOT has proposed a new 10-year transportation plan for Kansas; Secretary Miller appeared before the Senate Transportation Committee to explain some of the highlights of the proposal. Her testimony continues tomorrow morning. I’ll be tweeting itRead… Read more »