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Webinar: Unify Data Silos with MarkLogic

Unifying the View Across Data Silos … Easily! In this 60-minute webinar, the nation’s leading Health Information Exchange (HIE) provider, ICA, and MarkLogic will discuss how to bridge existing silos without “ripping out and replacing”. Companies today still try to end these silos with a rigid, lengthy approach, involving costly remapping and transformation into aRead… Read more »

Did We Forget Why We Are Here?

Freedom – that is why we are here, is it not?! How did our great nation begin…. somewhere in there, was a quest, a yearning, for freedom. Freedom from what? Freedom from any large entity dictating to us – telling us how we must live our lives, no taxation without representation, of speech, life, libertyRead… Read more »

Can New VA Policy Drive Telemedicine Adoption?

The Department of Veterans Affairs recently proposed a new policy that could provide a roadmap to increase telemedicine adoption should it be implemented across the healthcare community. According to an article in InformationWeek, the VA is looking to eliminate copayments for veterans that utilize telemedicine for doctor’s visits. The policy is designed to drive moreRead… Read more »

My Cup of IT: Healthcare Hike

By Steve O’Keeffe — Four deadly conversation sins. Sex, politics, religion – and now healthcare. Supreme Court or no – here’s my take. Our healthcare provider’s hiking our rates 22 percent. My first reaction – to tell the provider to take a hike. What’s the point of having insurance if you can’t afford toRead… Read more »

Should Hospitals Be Considered a Significant Target Of Terror? Many social scientists referred to guerrilla warfare as the “weapon of the weak” and terrorism as the “weapon of the weakest,” using violence to generate fear, and thereby to achieve their political goals, when direct military victory is not possible. Today terrorists usually prefer to avoid attacking heavily defended “hard targets” such as militaryRead… Read more »

VA Healthcare Innovators Nominations Due March 2

From the Virginia BioTech Association enewsletter: “In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare environment, improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery is more important than ever. The healthcare industry must therefore foster and encourage progress and creativity. The 2012 Virginia Healthcare Innovators Awards co-sponsored by the Virginia Biotechnology Association (VABIO) honors Virginia providers and organizations/entities thatRead… Read more »

Are you going to HIMSS 2012?

I’ll be attending this years HIMSS12 Annual Conference & Exhibition. February 20, 2012 at 7:00 AM – February 24, 2012 at 2:30 PM The Venetian Sands Expo and Convention Center , Las Vegas This event requires registration: HIMSS12 is the destination for thousands of like-minded healthcare executives, health IT professionals and clinicians who areRead… Read more »

Mission Essential Personnel Enters Health Solutions Market With HealthSpot’s New Virtual Clinic

December 19, 2011 Columbus, OH – Mission Essential Personnel, LLC (MEP) today announced a strategic partnership with HealthSpot, a revolutionary technology company that will improve access to high quality, affordable healthcare. HealthSpot’s Care4 Station is a kiosk that serves as a virtual doctor’s office. MEP will be the exclusive provider of the Care4 Station toRead… Read more »

Aetna Foundation Prepares the Next Generation of Healthcare Professionals

I’ve mentioned before how great the Aetna Foundation is, and all the great things it does for the community, but I wanted to share one of the foundation’s latest projects. According to a recent news release, Aetna has made a $300,000 grant to the National Academy Foundation (NAF), to help create a brand new highRead… Read more »