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Computer Crashes Cause Disaster in the Hospital Setting

When the computer monitors whoosh to black in a hospital environment, mass panic is the natural reaction. In a world where everyone is so utterly dependent on computer technology,  a hospital can experience real difficulties when the computer system abruptly shuts down. Patient records, lab reports, prescription instructions and integral e-mails can all vanish inRead… Read more »

The New Health Craze: Data!

The world is awash with new health technologies – Fit Bits, iPhone apps, nutrition trackers, heart rate monitors. Even healthcare, one of the most slow-moving, risk-averse sectors, is starting to see the potential of using data to improve outcomes. The government has begun to understand the advantages to digitizing health records, and to implement programsRead… Read more »

Keeping It Proper With Medicaid Payments

In yesterday’s DorobekINSIDER, we covered the cybersecurity insider threat for federal agencies – including the insider threat that’s accidental. Likewise, government funded healthcare services have their own brand of accidental insider threats – more commonly known as improper payments. A new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) called out states for their IT systemsRead… Read more »

Leadership in Action

With each edition of The Business of Government magazine, my goal is straightforward: to introduce readers to the works, insights, and advice from some of today’s key government executives, who are tackling significant management challenges and seizing opportunities to lead. To complement these examples of leadership in action, I also highlight the practical, actionable research… Read more »

Smarter Care: Breaking Away From the One-Size-Fits-All Model

In partnership with IBM®, GovLoop is conducting a four-part guide series, The Journey to Big Data and Analytics Adoption. The final chapter below emphasizes how big data has allowed health agencies to break free from the one-size-fits-all model. Contributions to the chapter were made by GovLoop’s Pat Fiorenza, Senior Research Analyst and Matt Garlipp, ResearchRead… Read more »

An Apple a Day Keeps the Fraudsters Away

This is the third blog post in a three-part series on smarter counter fraud. You can read part one and two here. A quick Google search of the term “healthcare fraud examples” promptly produces a robust list of IRS investigations and public records documenting medical malpractice and deception. For instance, a Louisiana woman submitted falseRead… Read more »

Reinventing American Healthcare: Interview with Dr. Zeke Emanuel

“The execution of the ACA was seriously flawed. Three factors contributed to the rocky rollout: the nature of lawmaking, poor personnel decisions, and poisonous politics,” notes Dr. Zeke Emanuel. The American healthcare system is complex. It was not created complex and expensive from its origins, but evolved to become this way over a period ofRead… Read more »