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Creating Engaging Training Videos That Will Still Be Useful in 5 Years

Since entering the public sector 10 months ago, I’ve been exposed to a wide swath of education materials used for training employees and getting the word out about new programs and services. I’ve been impressed with the creative ways videos have been used for ads and informational videos, but there is a severe lack ofRead… Read more »

5 Social Media Personalities that Drive Me Crazy

I love being social on social media sites. From Facebook to Twitter, Govloop or LinkedIn, I enjoy staying in touch and reading about happenings in the world. However, recently I have noticed a few personalities emerge that make this experience less enjoyable. Do you know who I mean? Those people who you can almost anticipateRead… Read more »

Facebook & Social Media Tips for Feds

Facebook & Social Media Tips for Feds Good tips from Federal Communicators Network newsletter Sarah Scruggs from GPO attended the L2 Social Graph Clinic. Here are her key take-aways. Figure out what you want your Facebook followers to do. They can do multiple things. View old pictures? Become contractors? Learn about your program? Come workRead… Read more »

Live Streaming: CBP’s 5 Lessons Learned

Hey GovLoop, On Tuesday, September 7, we, CBP Public Affairs (where I’m a contractor), produced our first successful USTREAM live stream of Commissioner Alan Bersin’s speech from the Global Supply Chain Security Summit at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. We broadcasted this live stream on You can watch and archive of his speech here.Read… Read more »

How to: Setup and use a short URL with your blog (updated)

This is a cross post from This is an update to my “how-to” for using a short URL (or any URL) with your favorite blogging platform and a multitude of social networks. In my last post on the subject I was making use of a the plugin ‘Shorten2Ping’ by Samuel Aguilera; well, I’m sorryRead… Read more »

The importance of the Twitter Retweet

Microsoft Research came out with some very interesting research looking specifically at the act of retweeting on Twitter. If you’d like to read the full paper it is available for download in PDF format. Note that the following Twitter pros were behind the research: Danah Boyd, Microsoft Research, @zephoria Scott Golder, Cornell / Microsoft Research,Read… Read more »

How to Plan for Collective Brainstorming Online – New Guide Released

Collaborative brainstorming online is all the rage these days. It’s a powerful tool for government to involve the public by inviting people to offer ideas and start discussions that will inform government decisions. But, as with so many other innovations in government, engaging the public in a meaningful way takes more than just “putting upRead… Read more »