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How To Check Out Your Supervisor

What Do You Know About Your Supervisor? Establishing a positive productive relationship with your supervisor is one of the most important factors in achieving career success. Understanding how your supervisor thinks and works is the key to building a productive partnership. The answers to the following questions may give you insight into how your supervisorRead… Read more »

How-To: Grab Video and Audio from the Web

Update (3/15/2010): I just found this simple little bookmarklet that makes it dead simple to download any YouTube video. Additionally, there’s another post here on GovLoop that links to what someone intends to be the definitive guide to YouTube with a lot of download options, software, and many other things.________________________________________I’m prefacing this post with theRead… Read more »

How-To: Adjust Your GovLoop Email Settings

As GovLoop grows, so does the amount of activity on the site. Many of the default email settings are designed to encourage collaboration and to help you know in real-time when an update has been made to a Group, Blog or Forum where you have posted content or made a comment. But let’s be honest:Read… Read more »

How-To: Conference Tweets – So, you’ve just finished a conference, and don’t want to lose all those Tweets….

This weekend I attended the rather fantastic Open City Workshop in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. If you don’t know much about what’s happening in Edmonton, you should probably check out Adriel Hampton’s recent post on the critical mass for awesomeness that’s happening there. There’s a innovative team at work in Edmonton which is a great modelRead… Read more »

How-To: Adjust Your GovLoop Privacy Settings

Like other social networks, GovLoop allows you to adjust your privacy settings and control who sees your activity in the community. 1. Go to Settings from the homepage. 2. Go to Privacy from the My Settings page. 3. Scroll down the page and adjust your settings – Don’t forget to hit Save after you’ve madeRead… Read more »

How-To: Tips for Building a Collaborative Environment

After completing the February Open Government Directive Workshop, we realized that it’s much easier to think about collaboration and build collaborative practices into an agency’s open government plan it’s done in a collaborative environment. (Final results of the teams’ collaborations are posted at the top of the OpenGov Playbook and the teams offer great suggestionsRead… Read more »

How-To: Build Awesome Apps With APIs of Gov’t Data

I asked the awesome team if there were any lessons learned from their experience building a cool from gov’t data. Things agencies and developers should be watching. 4 Lessons: 1 – Use platforms that have APIs – We used the Ideascale API ( Really the major lesson is for government to use platforms whichRead… Read more »

How-To: Not Dress – the 4 B’s

Lady Di speaks up!!! In an earlier blog I discussed the three B’s of dress at work. I stated that organizations did not want employees exposing the three Bs (boobs, belly and butt) at work. While there is no Federal dress code, there are some definite no-nos. Today, I am adding the fourth B whichRead… Read more »

Govloop Guides: Transparency

“How do you take all of the great knowledge and information that is created through discussions, blogs, and forums on Govloop, and share it with peers and colleagues in government?” This is a common question that people ask about govloop, and one that I’ve been working with Steve on for the past few months. OneRead… Read more »