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GovBytes: Obama Creates Bill of Rights for the Information Age

The White House Thursday made a push to protect the privacy of online users by announcing the voluntary Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights (CPBR). The bill is designed to give consumers more control over the information they share on the Internet. Obama is calling on the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration to workRead… Read more »

Internet privacy–the debate that won’t go away

Http://LeonardSipes.Com (social media and PR for government, associations and nonprofits). See summary of Pew Internet research on privacy and related media coverage regarding new legislation below. Article: If you listen to Leo Laport’s TWIT network ( you will find the finest audio and video offerings and insights on technology. TWIG (This Week in Google; offersRead… Read more »

Google joins opposition to Georgia bill limiting municipal broadband

Google is joining a coalition of companies, communities and activists encouraging Georgia state Senators to vote against a bill that would effectively limit municipal broadband in the state. The was introduced by a Republican lawmaker who claims that government networks unfairly compete with private providers. The bill SB 313 introduced by Sen. Majority Leader ChipRead… Read more »

GovBytes: New Citizen Engagement Platform: An Experiment in Representation and Technology

One of the four pillars of democracy is representation. This pillar is deeply rooted in civic engagement and participation, of which officials in Stafford County, VA, fear is lacking. Many residents of Stafford County commute to Washington, D.C., and as such don’t have time for town hall meetings to have their voices heard. To remedyRead… Read more »

Sunlight Foundation: Only a Smarter Congress Can Make Better Internet Policy

Recent calls for technologists to hire lobbyists to educate Washington on internet issues miss a significant part of the big picture. Congress makes bad technology decisions because it has dismantled its ability to evaluate policy issues. While public mobilization and lobbying efforts can affect decision-making through political pressure, lobbying to educate congress on technology issuesRead… Read more »

Some groups are internet savvy

Http://LeonardSipes.Com Alternative title: The religious like the internet and see it as valuable to their efforts. The Pew Internet and American Life Project recently created a statistical overview of the internet use of those religiously active (see below). Those of us doing social media have always known that there are groups that interact well onRead… Read more »

Should the Public Sector have it’s own “M” model?

CRM, BPM, KM, ECM. These are the abbreviations of new electronic management or “M” models that have emerged with the growth of the Internet. They relate to the management of traditional business practices ranging from customer relations to knowledge to business assets that are now enabled electronically through the Web and complimentary devices. Their useRead… Read more »

What’s the Most Inopportune Time Your Internet Didn’t Work?

Face it, it has happen to us all…some internet connections are spotty and they doesn’t always work when we absolutely need them to! Tell us a story about when your internet connection went out and you REALLY needed it to work; What were you doing? What were the pressures? How did it make you feel?Read… Read more »

London Conference on Cyberspace

On 1-2 November, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office will be hosting the London Conference on Cyberspace ( The conference will cover a number of different themes including social benefits of the web, economic growth and development, safe and reliable access online, cyber crime and international security. It will be an opportunity for citizens toRead… Read more »