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Sprint M2M Solution: Asset & People Tracking “Mobile Resource Management”

Sprint has a reputation for being a leader in the industry when it comes to location-based services. For over a decade we have been helping innovative companies vastly improve the way they manage assets, track people, improve service levels and act as positive agents for societal change. The proof is in the expansive range ofRead… Read more »

Six Agencies to Test New Performance Management Model

http:// From the Federal Times: “The National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations today approved a package of reforms it hopes will overhaul how the government manages employees’ performance. Six agencies — the Veterans Affairs, Housing and Urban Development, Energy and Labor departments, the Coast Guard and the Office of Personnel Management — will pilot testRead… Read more »

For HR Executives…what’s your Collaboration Strategy?

I have been talking to a lot of HR people over the last couple of months and, frankly, it has been surprising to see that most don’t realize the opportunities and risks associated with social media and crowdsourcing as it relates to their business vertical. Why is it crucial that Human Resource managers be deeplyRead… Read more »

Working with Upset Customers? Turn down the H.E.A.T.

“When I have an angry customer, I just put the phone down on my desk and walk away. By the time I get back, they are either calm, or they hung up. Problem Solved.” I really did have a student in one of my classes make that statement. I’ve heard a lot of odd perceptionsRead… Read more »

Social media people speak up about career empowerment: “Help us help you”

Last week, I posted a discussion topic on Govloop asking what social media people want in their career. Seeing that social media is a relatively new sphere, especially within the government space, it was interesting to note the variety of responses received–ranging from a personal desire to make a difference to opportunities to innovate toRead… Read more »

10 Steps to Creating an Online Community – There Aren’t Any

There aren’t any steps. I’ve never really liked “STEPS” lists, because they are too generic (unless you are putting together the Space Shuttle, or something like that). It is as if they will take you to the holy grail. Steps imply that they must be done in order – in sequence. Yet each community isRead… Read more »