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To Help the Public, Give Your Own Staff Better Digital Tools

One very impactful way to improve public service delivery is to create tools to help operational staff do their jobs more effectively or efficiently.

Reno, Nevada Leads with GIS to Meet Growing Population and Business Needs

When the city of Reno launched initiatives to expand its economy and offset pandemic-related tourism declines, it relied on new technology: geographic information systems (GIS). Here’s what GIS do — and what lessons Reno has to share.

A Framework to Impact Homelessness

The role of geographic information systems (GIS) is obvious in many community emergencies, like wildfires, hurricanes or flooding. Borrowing from transferable workflows and decision support tools, state and local governments are applying these best practices to battle social inequities such as blight, opioid addiction and homelessness. These similarities do require a shift in organizational andRead… Read more »