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Building a Wiki Community: Moderating Contributions

A few weeks ago, a member of the Whorunsgov community contributed some valuable information to the profile of Douglas Evans Coe, a leader in “The Fellowship.” This contributor did a great thing by trying to help us all know more about Mr. Coe, and even provided a source. But there was one problem: The sourceRead… Read more »

Building a Wiki Community: The 90-9-1 Problem

In last week’s discussion on encouraging the timid contributor, Govloop creator Steve Ressler left a link to the phenomenal — and horrifying — site It explains a common community interaction ratio seen on wikis. The 90-9-1 Principle states that members of a community will interact with the wiki in a defined way. According toRead… Read more »

Building a Wiki Community: Helping the Timid Contributor

An email we see daily at Whorunsgov often comes from a reader suggesting an addition or change to a profile. While emails like this often mention valid changes, the reader could have made the change directly in the profile without informing us first. The strange part about these emails; after we suggest the readers makeRead… Read more »

What is Enterprise 2.0 – Amended

Previously posted at Enterprise 2.0 is the concept of working smarter, not harder in a more transparent work environment, independent of location, computer, or one person doing a specific job. It is a methodology of doing better business and it is one of our Core Competencies at Navstar. Navstar has the leading experts inRead… Read more »

Highlighting Gov 2.0 Success Stories: Building on Potomac Forum’s Best Practices Symposium

GovLoop and the National Academy for Public Administration (NAPA) have partnered with the Potomac Forum as part of their “Best Practices Symposium” to foster collaboration and replication of Gov 2.0 Success Stories happening across government. The event highlighted several of these stories, including the Office of Management and Budget’s Max and the State Department’s DiplopediaRead… Read more »

Examples of wiki government?

Can anyone share some current examples that they like and see as effective of wiki government? Peer-to-Patent is always used as the example, but their website says they have closed the pilot. I could really use some examples to use during a talk this weekend. Help!

Global Intranet report found that organizations without a 2.0 strategy risk outright failure

Republished from eGovAU. Prescient Digital have released the results of their Intranet 2.0 Global Survey, reporting that organisation without a 2.0 strategy risks being left behind, or outright failing. The survey, with 561 responses globally (13% from government), found that Intranet 2.0 tools such as blogs, wikis and other vehicles have become mainstream, and areRead… Read more »

Three Collaboration Tools Everyone Should Know

Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Flickr, IM: do these sound like foreign words? In the face of new social media and collaboration, getting in touch over the Internet has never been more complicated. With so many of these whiz-bang technologies out there, it can be especially frustrating to figure out which ones are worth learning about andRead… Read more »