The 7 Gov’t Stories you need to know: Secret Service Agents say Colombian Prostitution Scandal might not be the first

The SEVEN stories that impact your life for Wednesday the 25th of April, 2012: The Secret Service agents in the center of the prostitution scandal say misbehavior on official trips is not unprecedented. The Washington Post reports a few of the secret service agents contend that their conduct doesn’t warrant dismissal because senior managers toleratedRead… Read more »

Social Media: Does the 24-Hour Response Rule Apply?

Last week, GovLoop member Julie Jenkins, a Communications Analyst with the Internal Revenue Service, posted a popular forum question in which she declared, “At some point we have to say, enough social media; time for real, live socializing,” and asked: “Where is your social media ceiling?” DorobekINSIDER host Chris Dorobek and I talked about theRead… Read more »

Learn Best Practices, Tips & Tricks at the Free Microsoft Virtual Summit

Register Today for the Free Microsoft Virtual Summit Over the last few months, the GovLoop community has had some great posts on innovation in government. Now is the time for innovation in government – with increasing budgetary constrains, growing fiscal austerity and the prospects of deep budget cuts, the public sector is called to findRead… Read more »

How spies and cloud computing fit together, the future of Gov 2.0 and are you suffering from social media overload?

How spies and cloud computing fit together, the future of Gov 2.0 Suffering social media overload? by GovLoop Insights On today’s program for Tuesday April 25, 2012: Cloud computing and the intelligence community… it seems like an oxymoron, but could it be a perfect fit? Gov 2.0 — What’s happening and where are we going?Read… Read more »

What’s the future for Gov 2.0 — is there one? The surprising look at HP’s new survey

Gov 2.0 — it was one of the biggest government buzz words a year ago…but where does Gov 2.0 stand now? Where is it going? Christina Morrison is the public sector marking manager at HP. She sat down with Chris Dorobek to talk about the results of HP and AMD’s new Gov’t IT Professionals Survey.Read… Read more »

Your top 7 Gov’t Stories: including the Pentagon’s new Spy Service

The SEVEN stories that impact your life for Tuesday the 24th of April, 2012: The Pentagon is setting up a new spy service of its own. The Wall Street Journal says the Defense Department will use existing funds and personnel to increase to create the new department. DoD has wanted to increase their role inRead… Read more »

How GSA’s getting data anywhere, at anytime, the TSP’s Roth Option and Untangling Big Data

How GSA is getting data, anywhere, at anytime, the TSP’s Roth Option and Untangling Big Data by GovLoop Insights On the program today for April 23rd, 2012: We’re going to talk about what GSA is actually getting it right. Last week, I moderated a discussion about mobile technologies and how it is changing work. Ahead,Read… Read more »

The SEVEN Stories you Need to Know — Roth Delays and the Secret Service heads to Congress

We start with the SEVEN stories that impact your life for Monday April 23rd 2012… We’re going to talk about the Thrift Savings Plan’s Roth option later, but… It turns out that TSP’s Roth option might not make its May 7th start date. The Defense Finance and Accounting Service has said it will not beRead… Read more »

What’s the State of Social Media and Government in 2012?

Last Thursday, I delivered the presentation below for several Federal agency heads at the Chicago Federal Executive Board. I quickly affixed the title, “The State of Social Media in Government,” though I’m not sure that’s an accurate description of the content. Here’s a quick sketch of my outline: How Are Americans Using Social Media? (dataRead… Read more »