GovLoop Survey – NCAA Winner – UNC

Well it looked like the wisdom of the crowds worked…. I asked GovLoop members who they thought was going to win the NCAA Tournament once we had reached the final 8 and the answers were: 41.5% UNC 26.4% Wildcard 13.2% UConn 9.4% Louisville 9.4 Pittsburg This follows up the GovLoop BBall Tournament with winner Noel’sRead… Read more »

Measuring Gov 2.0 (via Web 1.0): Forrester

In two previous posts (Brookings and Foresee), I have explored common methods for measuring websites in a Web 1.0 world in order to find applicability for Web 2.0. Essentially, I am providing a summary in order to educate myself and share that knowledge acquisition with personnel from government agencies and other organizations that are beginningRead… Read more »

GovLoop BBall Winner – Noel’s Snowballs…

March Madness is officially over. Personally, this year was a letdown and not the best tournament. The magic wasn’t there like most years. But we did have the gloriously witty, irreverant, and genius Hokie Guru providing color commentary. Stephen Smith should watch for his job. Some interesting comments: Mr. GovLoop finished 24th out of 26thRead… Read more »

Maximize Your LinkedIn Connections

Originally posted at After you register on, type the name of your target organization into the site’s search window. You will thereby generate a list of friends, friends-of-friends, and even friends-of-friends-of-friends who work at your target organization. Ask the contacts on your LinkedIn list for additional networking contacts, informational interviews, and leads forRead… Read more »

Good Things Come in Threes

Good things come in threes. Tic-tac-toe, yada, yada, yada, small, medium, large, blah, blah blah, NBC/CBS/ABC. Lately I’ve been thinking about “how best to use Twitter.” In considering this, I start to ponder on the basics of “why tweet?” and other slightly existential topics. When I consider this my mind drifts to conjuring up endlessRead… Read more »

GovLoop Founder Steve Ressler Honored at Fed 100

Last Wednesday evening, I was honored to have been invited by Steve Ressler, founder of GovLoop and co-founder of Young Government Leaders, to accompany him to the Fed 100 Awards. Jeremy Ames led the charge for the award submission. Adriel Hampton and I contributed some language to the final nomination. It was a nice eveningRead… Read more »

Birds of a Feather Redefined

Before social media, when transparency was considerably less in vogue, aquiring new customers and serving the needs of loyal already existing customers was not an easy feat and there certainly were not many options for conquering this feat. In order to aid this process, marketers formulated methods such as segementation, and even sub-segmentation to narrowRead… Read more »

Twitter as a Focus Group

Imagine, if you will, the packaging on a gallon of Tropicana orange juice. Now…what did you imagine? A ripe orange with droplets of water? And a straw? Most likely is my guess. As you may know, in January of this year, Tropicana had its run in with the scenario Coke faced back in the ’80sRead… Read more »