What is the Biggest IT Change in the Last 30 Years?

Collaboration has come a long and I do mean a LONG way in the last 30 years. So with all the advances out there what is the single most important one? You can vote here: http://ideas.govloop.com/forums/56138-moc-30-years-of-collaboration I mean there are several to chose from: E-mail, Internet, Cell Phone and Shared Drives, and if we haven’t… Read more »

Why Government Has a Hard-Time Recruiting at Harvard

Great article on why Harvard kids go to work to Wall Street and not public service jobs. http://baselinescenario.com/2010/05/04/why-do-harvard-kids-head-to-wall-street/ Short story..not money or work. It’s – the process is straight-forward and easy. Here’s a quote “it is simply easier to get a corporate firm job than any other job. By contrast, it’s hard to get a… Read more »

Top 5: Set-Ups for Success Using Social Media for HR

A couple weeks ago, I spoke at the Western Region IPMA-HR Annual Conference in San Diego. The conference theme was “Navigating New Horizons,” so I tried to have some fun with the nautical metaphor, as demonstrated by these slides. NOTE: If you’ve seen my slides before, this is all new material! View more presentations from… Read more »

Top 5 Worst Things To Say In A Meeting

Ever been to a meeting and someone just says something ridiculous. That makes you cringe. Here’s my list of Top 5 worst things to say at a meeting Anybody got any chew? I’d love to take a dip right now…Smokeless tobacco at a meeting…not cool Just one more thing – You know when the meeting… Read more »

Notes from the NJ Statehouse

So I spoke at the New Jersey statehouse on GovLoop last week. Here are some notes from the other sessions: -Watched video of Socialnomics -Listening first, selling second -Iran presidential elections -State Department sent social media experts to Russia for diplomatic piece -Mexico- use Twitter to talk about locations where violence has occurred -PR and… Read more »

In a Wordle: “I work for the government because…”

When members join GovLoop, they complete the statement “I work for the government because…” In honor of Public Service Recognition Week, I pulled your responses together in the Wordle below. What stands out to you? You can see similar responses in Steve’s “Why Do You Serve? Video Edition” based on videos we captured of people… Read more »