Gov 2 Summit – FixMyStreet

mySociety group from UK…..does sites like FixMyStreet and WhatDoTheyKnow Report problems in your street. Fix rate is about 50% WhatDoTheyKnow – archives of FOIA requests and answers TheyWorkForYou – politicians, what they said, and what they do Lessons to look for – 1 – Combine services that normal people want with transparency even if they… Read more »

Gov 2 Summit – Clay Shirky

Telling story about LA Times, Apps for Democracy, and Fines…. LA Times had no space to adapt. Apps for Democracy. Understood motive of hackers. Encourage and support motives. Didn’t take credit until after apps were done. Contract to users has to be complete but not too complete. Users are motivated to do things you will… Read more »

Gov 2.0 Summit – Aneesh Chopra

Live blog…. Tim O’Reilly talking to Federal CTO Aneesh Chopra on stage… Chopra says he has three levels to have impact: Influence on standards Influence on R&D spend Influence on procurment – $76 Billion in federal IT How do you get out of the DC bubble? Government that works. Operates in the light of day…. Read more »

Who Runs Gov 2.0?

GovLoop is partnering with Washington Post’s WhoRunsGov through then end of Septemberfor a special event: “Who Runs Gov 2.0” Here’s the pitch straight from WhoRunsGov: Political techies are making government more transparent, but they are working largely behind-the-scenes. wants to change that. From now through the end of September, we need you to help… Read more »

GovLoop Member of the Week: Luke Fretwell

If you’ve seen a series of posts called “Gov 2.0 Heroes” here on GovLoop, then you probably know about Luke Fretwell’s launch of GovFresh just a few months ago. GovFresh is a great website with a comprehensive list of feeds from scores of government agencies. In addition, Luke is providing thought leadership and innovative new… Read more »

Sweet Gov Tweets – 5 Best Gov Tweets from September 4th…

Just in cased you missed them: opengovnews : #gov20 The Great Gov 2.0 Cultural Divide: Source: GovFresh – Government 2.0 govloop: “What Does Gov 2.0 Mean to Me?” and Other Cool Video Projects RT @carlmalamud #gov20 is too often a dialogue of .com execs w/ gov officials with big offices. Opportunity to open… Read more »

“What Does Gov 2.0 Mean to Me?” and Other Cool Video Projects

Originally posted at the GenerationShift blog. In advance of next week’s Gov 2.0 Expo and Summit, Tim O’Reilly asked citizens to respond to a question: “What Does Gov 2.0 Mean to You?” At least a couple handful of folks have responded, with many of the videos being posted over at GovFresh. To encourage others to… Read more »

Get a $2,000 Raise! Telework.

Originally published at the GenerationShift blog Results from Virginia’s Telework Day were released this week. Some of the statistics that stood out: – Teleworking one day per week equates to a $2,000 raise for each employee – 69% of participants indicated that they accomplished more while teleworking – If all interested employees engaged in telework,… Read more »