How To – Find Your Audience & Approach on Social Media as a Gov’t Agency

I’m helping out a friend as he is getting his government agency into communicating using social media. There is a series of steps I’m helping him with in the research phase and thought I’d share. Would love to here others. Prequel – What are you trying to do? – (*From Gwynne Kostin comments on originalRead… Read more »

Top 5 .Govs for Govies Sites

*********************************************************************** Not a Govloop Member? 30 Secs & Free to Join for Great Info & Perks *********************************************************************** Webmasters often wonder: What government sites do government employees actually use? I remember my bookmarks and the ones I checked constantly were: 1) USAJOBS – Oops…it’s a non-secret that lots of Govies are looking for their next gov’tRead… Read more »

Live in 20 Minutes – GovLoop Training – Citizen Survival Guide Still time to sign up!!!! 20 minutes to kick off!!!! Want training? Can’t afford it? GovLoop Training is here – and FREE! Yeah..pretty rad, eh? Been hearing from lots of GovLoopers that they want more specific online training on GovLoop. So you ask, we deliver…with cool training certificates included (***You won’t be disapointed***) ToRead… Read more »

Project of the Week: Power IT Down!

What if saving money and energy were as simple as the flip of a switch or the push of a button? It is! You can save millions of dollars (and our planet) by powering down your computer every day. But let’s start small. What if you were asked to power down just one day forRead… Read more »

Want to Find Peace from Generational Conflict? Complement and Learn

Thank you to HR Guru Kathleen Smith, who brought this post to our attention! It’s a guest post on SmartBlog on Workforce by Larry and Meagan Johnson, a father-daughter team behind Johnson Training Group, whose clients include several government agencies, American Express, Harley-Davidson, Nordstrom, Dairy Queen. They are co-authors of “Generations, Inc.: From Boomers toRead… Read more »

Who Needs A Vacation? Me!!!

I know most people would raise their hand if asked “do you want to take a vacation?” While we can’t be on vacation all the time or even most of the time it is really a necessary part of work life. Stepping away, taking a break, stopping to disconnect actually helps us maintain a certainRead… Read more »