Big Data

A Visual Solution to a (Public) Big Data Problem

Data is very valuable to public agencies. Unfortunately, it can also cause problems. And when those problems interfere with your ability to process information in a meaningful way – either because the data is too large, coming in too quickly, or captured in a multitude of different formats – you have what is known asRead… Read more »

Attention Data Warehouse and BI Professionals: Your Rock Star is Back in Town

Normally, when a rock star comes to town, tickets sell out fast. And when that rock star is a genre-defining pioneer, your odds of getting a seat diminish to almost zero. Well, data warehouse and business intelligence professionals: your rock star has come to town. And we’ve got tickets just for you – for free.Read… Read more »

Big Data, Big Challenges

It’s no surprise to any of us by now: Big data is changing the way government operates. With the huge amounts of data that the public sector is collecting, managing and storing, agencies are devising strategies and approaches to utilize and create services geared to the public using this data. On Wednesday, nearly 80 governmentRead… Read more »

The Top 5 Insights from GovLoop’s Big Data Event: Examining the Big Data Frontier

Big data has officially hit the public sector. According to a recent GovLoop guide, “Big Data: Examining the Big Data Frontier,” 73 percent of surveyed public sector employees said they see big data as a viable tool for managing resources, budgets and cost. And 81 percent of respondents reported that big data has the capacityRead… Read more »

Obama Asks NSA to End Bulk Data Collection – Plus the 7 Gov Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: Just like Ben and Jerry’s 170 different flavors of ice cream, political appointees also come in a variety. You have your political types, your regulators, your implementers and your collaborators. So how can the Office of Personnel match the right political appointee to the right job? Insights in part two ofRead… Read more »

Sharing Makes Everything Better: Everyone Benefits When Small Data Goes Big

For decades, urbanites have been tuning in to local radio stations before their morning commute to hear the traffic report. Based on static cameras at strategic locations, as well as helicopters and tips from motorists or passengers, traffic reports are perfect examples of data that give rise to decisions. Holland Tunnel is blocked? Route aroundRead… Read more »

What Are Your Big Data Challenges – Plus The 7 Gov Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: When DVD’s came out, the experts predicted the end of movie theaters. When Amazon set up shop in cyberspace, the experts predicted the end of strip malls. But neither of those things happened. Is the same true for E-Learning? We go myth busting with the Morino Institute. You can find allRead… Read more »

An Internet of Things Update – Plus the 7 Gov Stories You Need To Know

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: A new Federal Employee Defection and Fallout PulsePoll found pay freezes, the current political environment and the prospect of a better salary in the private sector are driving 50% of federal employees to consider employment outside of government. One in two government employees is considering leaving, what can the government doRead… Read more »

Implementing Big Data Projects: Lessons Learned and Recommendations

This article was originally posted by Dan Chenok on the IBM Center for the Business of Government blog. The the IBM Center for The Business of Government is pleased to present a new report, Realizing the Promise of Big Data: Implementing Big Data Projects. The report, written by Kevin Desouza, Arizona State University, provides aRead… Read more »