Government Job Prospects in the Current Economy…. Thoughts and Concerns

Hello … Some of my classmates and I had a discussion over lunch today about job prospects for MPA graduates in the next 12-18 months. Those of us that are not currently in the full-time work force would be by that time. As a someone currently working for the great (not so great budget) State… Read more »

New Worldwide Gov 2.0 Live Radio Show with BlogTalkRadio

from – In preparation for a new Government 2.0 podcast I’m planning with Steve Ressler, Steve Lunceford, the FutureGov team, Ari Herzog and Meghan Harvey, producer (live demo Monday at 8 p.m. PST – please tune/call in), I was able to grab some time with BlogTalkRadio’s Amy Domestico to get her thoughts on effective… Read more »

Information Dissemination Line of Business (InfoLOB) — Is it time to begin?

I just competed reading a rather excellent and thorough document from the Office of Governmentwide Policy, General Services Administration (GSA). It’s title, “Implementing New Media (Web 2.0) Capabilities in the .Gov Environment and Government Use Elsewhere“, and breadth of content includes the most important issues raised and (partially) addressed when attempting to use Web 2.0… Read more »

Federal Eye: Team Player: Timothy Geithner

“We’re doing more in weeks than other countries do in years.” Treasury Secretary Timothy M. Geithner made that pronouncement earlier this week after meetings with lawmakers to update them on the administration’s recovery program. The not-so-subtle dig at the world financial community was part of his ongoing effort to convince his international counterparts that they… Read more »

Clearing My Throat, ahem, I Meant My Keyboard…

Long before the Internet social networking was a diplomatic tool. The words “diplomatic” and “reception” go naturally together. So naturally that diplomats are negatively stereotyped as “cookie pushers” (i.e. spending all their time at receptions serving appetizers). But, no doubt about it, a core element of diplomacy is networking socially and professionally … and communicating…. Read more »

Booz Allen Hamilton – Virtual Career Fair

Virtual Career Fair Registration Page – Get the word out! Booz Allen Hamilton – Information Technology Career Fair Above is the link to register for the Booz Allen IT Virtual Career Fair being held on March 18 from 10:00am – 4:00pm. Let’s start to get the word out – feel free to forward to candidates,… Read more »

Project of the Week – “Around the Corner”

Over the past year or so, blogs in the federal space have become more common and are increasingly being used to share information and ideas both internal and external to the agencies. Some great examples are Air Force Blogspot, Navy CIO, and NASA Blogs. OMB Director Peter Orszag just started a blog and the Obama… Read more »