Part 2 of 3- Twitterrific! The Most Useful Web 2.0 Apps/Tools For Twitter

If you are trying to implement twitter in your business or government social networking efforts, these apps and tools may “expand your horizons” for better use. Second twenty for review: 21. Mr. Tweet: is a personal networking agent who helps expand a network easily by recommending you to relevant followers, helping you discover people relevant… Read more »

SSA’s Free Teleconference on Hiring the Disabled

The Social Security Administration recently received funding to hire a signficant number of employees throughout the country. This hiring initiative offers a unique opportunity for individuals with disabilities who may want to get a job with SSA. SSA will be hosting a national teleconference on this issue specifically for Employment Networks, State Vocational Rehabilitation Staff… Read more »

GovLoop Member of the Week: Vanessa Casavant, Communications Writer – Evans School of Public Affairs, University of Washington

Thanks so much to Vanessa Casavant for agreeing to be the member of the week this week! How did you get involved in journalism and public affairs? I was actually a really disengaged citizen living in NYC at the age of 21 and pursuing an acting career. I had a temp position in downtown Manhattan… Read more »

Federal Agency Social Media Policy – examples

After asking for examples via Twitter and govloop- here’s what I’ve received: (thanks to Bryan Klein of NIST and Greg Wilson of LMI) Presentation by Alex Koudry (GSA) given at Gov2.0 bootcamp: Government Policy Needs in a Web 2.0 World from Franciel Dept of Navy policy New Media and the Air Force – thanks… Read more »

Federal Eye: VA, Radio Station Clash Over Interview

Executives and lawyers for WAMU radio are demanding an apology from the Department of Veterans Affairs and the immediate return of a reporter’s recording equipment following an incident during a public forum earlier this week at the VA Hospital in Washington. The station contends the action was a violation of the reporter’s first amendment right… Read more »

Join 1,000 leaders from 68 cities and get inspired to build stronger, healthier communities!

Online registration is now open for the 2009 Neighborhoods, USA (NUSA) conference May 20-23 at the Spokane Convention Center in Spokane, Wash. Join 1,000 leaders from 68 cities and get inspired to build stronger, healthier communities. Neighborhoods, USA is a national non-profit organization that seeks to build stronger communities by facilitating the development of partnerships… Read more »