By Way Of Hello

I’m a 52yo disability pensioner in WA, and I am keenly aware of certain issues that are bedevilling Australia at the moment, and doing my bit where I can to alleviate that. (Zencookbook Blog is a good place to start for that.) I think the best way to let people know what I’m about is… Read more »

Where vendor organizations, legislation and open source collide – Healthcare Information Systems

I thought I’d include this as a reference since I’ve brought up this discussion elsewhere. If you’re looking for drama, plot twists and a wide assortment of characters look no further than the current impetus toward Electronic Health Record (EHR) adoption – A potentially Shakespearean Drama. The players and scenario: The battle brewing over EHR… Read more »

How our Spy Community is Leading in Personnel Reform!

Watch this video that outlines one of our recent reports. Here is a summary: the Intelligence Community developed a “federated” approach to its human capital system under the authority of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004. This approach effectively balances the needs of the community with those of individual agencies. Unlike the… Read more »

Federal Eye: Interior Dept. Bungles Passport Records

The Interior Department’s inspector general has found widespread mishandling and tracking of highly valuable passports issued to department officials traveling overseas, alleging that in numerous instances employees violated federal privacy laws. Several expired passports could not be accounted for and inspectors also could not locate the passports once issued to Interior Secretary Gale Norton and… Read more »

The Dark Side of Web 2.0

We have to get involved in Web 2.0! Hurry, we have to start planning for our rollout strategy for Web 3.0, whatever the hell that is. Or maybe we have to stop and think about things a bit. Social networks are fun, conferring with our peers can be enlightening and informative. However a major question… Read more » An Experiment in SEO and Social Media

You’ve seen a lot of posts from me regarding the social media activities of other agencies. Never have I highlighted an endeavor from my own organization. Well, this post changes everything! Here’s the backdrop: Throughout its history, the Graduate School has always adapted in creative ways to the changing needs of government. A few weeks… Read more »

Web 2.0 Working Group Charter

For those of you that read my last post on our new Social Media Policy, here’s the companion document that describes the duties and responsibilities expected from the peer oversight group, obliquely named the “Web 2.0 Working Group.” We’re hoping a more creative name for the group will emerge in time, but for now maybe… Read more »

Federal Eye: Best Places to Work: HQ vs. Regional Offices

It’s certainly true of journalists and in all types of other professions, but this week’s Best Places to Work data definitely confirms that some federal employees much prefer toiling in the field rather than working at headquarters. Sarah Palin Take EPA for example: two of its regional offices, in San Francisco and Philadelphia, rank among… Read more »