How Federal Shared Services Empower Your Mission

Outdated finance and human capital management systems are typically difficulty to both maintain and secure. The public sector should consider cloud-based shared services for efficient modernization with flexible pay-as-you-go options for upgrades, maintenance, security and disaster recovery. Watch this video to see how switching to a shared services model encourages continuous innovation and quality service.Read… Read more »

How to Successfully Pursue a Modern Hybrid Cloud Solution

More than ever, state and local government needs modern technology that makes it easier to manage critical applications and deliver the modern services that citizens expect. And government IT departments need to do that without creating an even more complex IT ecosystem. To meet these challenges, some agencies turned to hyperconverged infrastructure solutions that combineRead… Read more »

How Cloud Can Modernize State and Local Governments

Government IT departments are largely in charge of acquiring, deploying and managing the many systems that support these new applications and services. But they have challenges of their own including managing increasingly complex IT environments, confronting a growing volume of service requests, and learning new skills and procedures to keep pace with the latest technologies.Read… Read more »

Harnessing the Power of Genomics to Advance Healthcare

With the advent of human-genome sequencing, healthcare providers are looking for more ways to personalize the care they administer to patients. When providers can access patient sequence results quickly, analyze the data, and then provide a custom care plan—or even custom medication— it increases the opportunity for successful treatment. This course will walk you throughRead… Read more »

Integrate With Cloud for Innovative Higher Education

Within higher education, IT is increasingly being used to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, through activities such as automation, personalization, mobile access, outsourcing, shared services, and process improvement. However, acquiring and leveraging innovative technologies like cloud, mobile and virtualization can be challenging for many universities and colleges. Clearly, higher education must find ways to leverage innovativeRead… Read more »

How to Become Compliant in Cloud

Cloud computing can offer innumerable benefits to government agencies, but ensuring they are securely implemented and maintained is challenging. However, the cloud offers something that can eliminate many these complexities: automation. Automating the deployment, configuration and monitoring of security can deliver predictable, repeatable, and reliable compliance and security. This course explores how compliance automation canRead… Read more »

How to Move to Hybrid Cloud

This course is intended for anyone who wants to better understand hybrid cloud computing. In three lessons, we’ll define hybrid cloud, differentiate the model from other computing models, and discuss the benefits that hybrid cloud can bring to government


Welcome to the GovLoop Academy IT-as-a-Service course, where you will learn about three cloud service delivery models, how they are different, and what they can do for your agency. By taking this course, you will be enrolled in five different lessons about IT-as-a-Service. We’ll cover what we mean by that term, providing a broad overviewRead… Read more »

A Guide to Cloud Success

This 30-minute course is designed to get you up to speed on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cloud offerings. We’ll be discussing cloud computing and how your public sector organization can best use the cloud to provide information and reach new horizons for citizens services and mission critical agency efforts. By taking this course, you will be enrolledRead… Read more »

Making Smarter IT Investments

Cloud is a common buzzword in the IT world, and in our daily lives we use the cloud to do everything from check email, to access work files, to online shopping. But most people don’t consider the details of what’s happening behind the scenes to give us anytime, anywhere access to data and services. WeRead… Read more »

Cloud Fundamentals

In the information technology world, few buzzwords are more mystical than “cloud computing.” Sure, we use the cloud to access email, health records and work files, and to do online shopping, but most people don’t consider the details of what’s happening behind the scenes to give us anytime, anywhere access to data and services. WeRead… Read more »

Collaboration in the Cloud

Over the last few years, many government organizations have made the switch to the cloud, including GSA, the Department of Interior, the states of Maryland and Utah and cities of Orlando and Pittsburgh. One of the most recent organizations to transition to the cloud is the U.S Holocaust Museum, and they did it all inRead… Read more »