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What’s wrong with my questions? How IT projects fail to ask long-term user adoption questions.

This article was originally published on Tri Tuns Blog. OBSERVATION Does your IT implementation plan include a Change Management (CM) effort? It probably does. Does this CM effort include attaining information about the user community’s needs, in preparation for an IT build? Again, your answer may typically be yes. So what could possibly be missing?Read… Read more »

Influence culture to drive user adoption.

This article was originally published on Tri Tuns Blog. OBSERVATION People often talk about corporate culture but they really don’t know how to sufficiently explain / define it, how to influence it, or how it can influence an IT project implementation. You may have tried to define what the culture of your client’s organization isRead… Read more »

Why User Adoption activities should start before go-live

This article was originally published on the Tri Tuns Blog. OBSERVATION Clients often place priority on the technical build and implementation over end-user readiness. Their assumption is that once the new system becomes operational(go-live), they can focus on getting end-users to engage the system as designed. However, clients often have too little knowledge of end-userRead… Read more »

Return on Relationships

This article was originally published on the Tri Tuns Blog. OBSERVATIONIt is a common trap on many IT projects that team members are so focused on ensuring project “success” (typically defined as on-time and on-budget delivery) that team members forget the critical importance of developing and maintaining effective relationships. Ironically, forgoing the relationship building elementsRead… Read more »

Resistance is a Judgment, Not an Action

This article was originally published on the Tri Tuns Blog.OBSERVATION When talking about user adoption of major IT systems – CRM, ERP, HRIS, etc – at some point the discussion always focuses on overcoming “user resistance”. When I probe deeper and ask clients to define exactly what they mean by “user resistance” (what form itRead… Read more »

How can HR best use IT to deliver superior HR service?

Many organizations today are trying to make more effective use of Information Technology (IT) in order to deliver on their mission, reduce costs, improve quality, and save time. Internal HR systems all have the potential to provide major leaps forward. Unfortunately, many organizations spend countless hours and dollars building IT systems, yet they never achieveRead… Read more »

Myth: “They Will Have No Choice – They Will Have to Use the System”

There tends to be an assumption amongst many IT and business leaders that if a system is core to their operations then people cannot perform their jobs without using it. This leads to the fallacy that employees will have no choice but to use the system and no further effort is required to drive andRead… Read more »

What is IT “Success”?

We consistently read about IT “Failure” and how much it costs organizations each year, but how often do we actually read about IT “Success”. What is IT success? How do we know when we have achieved it? Why is it so elusive? To read the full article go to

The Death of SDLC

The basic methodology used to implement many systems today still follows the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), which was developed to aide technical development of computer code. Organizations today recognize that SDLC does not adequately address the organizational and human performance challenges that are critical to ensuring IT success. It is time to move beyondRead… Read more »