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What I Learned About Working in Government from Long Distance Running

When I’m not saving the world as a federal government employee, I enjoy long distance running. My relatively short legs do not quite paint the picture of an elegant, gazelle-like runner, but I have laser-like determination, a “never quit” attitude, and perseverance for days.  When I run, I am able to tune out many everydayRead… Read more »

A Baby Boomer’s Advice to New Employees

After years of hiring freezes and budget cuts, we have been able to finally back-fill behind people who have retired years ago.  And with work load increasing, and a decent budget, we are also able to hire some “entry level” positions to off-set our aging workforce.  Often, our job openings are filled by others fromRead… Read more »

Valuing Experience: Advice from a Seasoned Public Servant

I recently had the distinct pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite public servants, the Director of the Division of Community Service and Nonprofit Support at the Arkansas Department of Human Services, Sherry Middleton.  With over 32 years of experience in public service through both government and nonprofit work, Sherry is a respected, influential, andRead… Read more »