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If You Can’t Measure Your Skills, Neither Can a Potential Employer

When it comes to a job search, being able to quantify your skills is one of the biggest elements. Having viewed a lot of resumes at one of the biggest issues is seeing a resume and having no idea the kind of position an applicant is applying for. Being specific, direct, and making yourRead… Read more »

TSP Investing Advice on Retiring a Millionaire

Usually, in todays economy, most federal employees I speak with have doubts on their thrift savings plan retirement. The older employees have an interesting mindset. They feel the market is too unpredictable to dabble in interfund transfers. “Too dangerous” is what I get most of the time. As of this post, I am 32 yearsRead… Read more »

3 things you must do to improve your recruiting program this year

As a part of our blog series “HR and Recruiters the New Marketers“, I want to share practical ways HR and recruiting professionals can put real marketing concepts to work to improve corporate recruiting programs right now. Now, I am not advising everyone to run out and spend tens of thousands of dollars on full-blownRead… Read more »

Advice and Counsel for Amanda

Amanda would be well advised not to make a career in government because Congress wants to eliminate the FERS retirement system and reduce it to just a 401 k plan and social security… Furthermore, the super committee in Congress appears to be failing in its mission of reducing the debt and deficit. So, if thingsRead… Read more »

Diary of a Frustrated Young Professional- Letting Somebody Go

Dear all knowing Internet, I know its been a long time since I have last called upon your all knowing goodness, but this time I am extremely frustrated. In New York State, the public employee union I belong to rejected our new contract. As a result, many young professionals including myself have been notified thatRead… Read more »