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Do State public services have more get up and go than Feds?

The Victorian Public Sector, Australia has released its’ Gov 2.0 Action Plan. Having worked in both the Australian Public Service and State/Territory jurisdictions I’ve always been struck by the fact that State/Territory public sector jurisdictions are more action oriented. Not surprising given the fact that these jurisdictions are at the pointy end of service deliveryRead… Read more »

Reason No. 2 for “bite-sized” government: Reach out and touch someone.

The earliest scholars of public administration often struggled with the exact definition of bureaucracy. Is it the invisible fourth branch of government? Do bureaucrats derive their power politically or managerially? I believe bureaucracy is best defined when we reach to the constitutional undertones and examine government “by the people, for the people.” How do practitionersRead… Read more »

Are you a Gov 2.0 activist?

Australia’s Government Chief Information Officer, Ann Steward, urged civil servants to become Gov 2.0 activists at the FutureGov Forum Australia yesterday (Tuesday 27th July). She also had strong words for government agencies on the accessibility of their online services. From Asia/Pacific FutureGov. All very true and great stuff Ann. To get Gov 2.0 happening onRead… Read more »

Moving forward

There is a lot of focus on what the democratization of publishing means for a government of the people, by the people, for the people. For the U.S. Government to move forward requires work in the new media environment to become an accepted operating procedure. In government, though, nothing moves forward without policy. Policies governingRead… Read more »