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Shooting and Blizzard Show the Potential of Social Media in a Crisis

Social media channels are powerful communication tools normally but when incorporated into your crisis action plan they can add a valuable weapon to the government public affairs arsenal. Two recent events on Army installations with very different results demonstrated this clearly. The reviews aren’t close to being done on all the things that went rightRead… Read more »

Focused Crisis Communications Saves Savings and Loan

So how prepared are you, really, for a disaster? How often do you review and update your crisis communications plan? How frequently do your spokespeople go through a refresher media training course? And have they been prepped in working with different types of media and different challenging scenarios? Those organizations with actual plans that areRead… Read more »

When things are broken… A CALL FOR LEADERSHIP

The hatred and disrespect surfacing in the debate about health care reform and education and other discussions in recent days has gone wild. Much of it isn’t about these topics, but something more disturbing — a real contempt for others — an unwillingness to consider anything new and different. I keep wondering how our childrenRead… Read more »

Creating an effective crisis communications plan

We live in an “instant information” age, with 24-hours news channels on TV, radio, and the Web, all needing information and wanting exciting, attention-getting headlines. This creates an environment where managing the message to the media takes on heightened importance, since the chance for a misstep to go unnoticed is slim. We have all seenRead… Read more »

Stop Second Guessing About the Stimulus Package

As pundits debate the effectiveness of the stimulus package, a new study released by the Government Business Council (GBC) says that agencies feel “overwhelmed” and “anxious” about the ability to successfully implement designed programs. These concerns reflect the current reality of an economy that continues to falter, with a rising unemployment rate, expected to exceedRead… Read more »

California: Budget or I.O.U.s? The clock is ticking…

CA Controller John Chiang is giving us a dire warning. Balance the budget in this next week or July 2, California pays its bills via I.O.U. See article link: Are our legislators and Gov. Schwarzenegger listening? Can we get past the political posturing and make some tough budget compromises to save our state beforeRead… Read more »

Gov 2.0 Camp: from the Twitterstream

Here’s another one of my soon to be patented (:->) reports from a conference I didn’t attend, brought to you through the benificence of the Twitterverse. Unfortunately, it isn’t as complete as I’d like. After TransparencyCamp, when I discovered that the Twitter Search runs out after 100 pages of history, I new I’d have toRead… Read more »

Strengthening Government’s Ability to Deal with the Financial Crisis

As the administration and Congress take actions to address the immediate financial crisis, determining how to place the government’s response on a stronger organizational footing is a key step to reducing the likelihood that the nation will experience a similar financial crisis in the future. In his report, Stanton points out the need to addressRead… Read more »