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Global Gov 2.0 – Achtung: Stop the Hype! (Germany)

Excerpts translated from: E-government without agitation: research instead of stirring up further Technikhypes 10th August 2010 Author: Prof. Dr. Tino Schuppan The subject of e-Government in Germany is still very much centered on the use of individual IT applications – and with great naivete. The recent hype about the so-called Web 2.0 is a currentRead… Read more »

Are we there yet? Gov 2.0 is still… 2.0

Note: This is an edited version from my blog Just think. The iPhone is getting ready to release its fourth generation. Microsoft has launched its third Windows OS in five years, and we’re into a third tech-savvy US President, but Gov 2.0 is still Gov 2.0. Having spent many years in this field calledRead… Read more »

Judgement Day. How does your government want to be evaluated for “Sunshine 2.0” or your support of democracy online?

The national League of Women Voters has commissioned me via to draft a guide titled “Sunshine 2.0.”In short, local Leagues will use this guide to evaluate their local government online efforts based on their support of democracy. Government themselves, academics, and the media may also use the guide to see how they compare withRead… Read more »

E-government and the volcano

Where was/is e-government during the current/recent travel crisis? Having been stranded in Tarragona, south of Barcelona, amongst a group of foreign nationals wanting to get home or elsewhere after a conference, I thought I should asked the question, what, if anything could or should e-government have done? From my view, the first target on theRead… Read more »

E-government and sex

Amongst the many papers presented at the Ethicomp 2010 conference was one by Georgia Foteinou, consultant on e-government within the EU and new member states, and researcher at Oxford. Her paper is entitled “E-exclusion and the gender digital divide“. Georgia has examined the available data from Cap Gemini’s exercises on behalf of the EU, whichRead… Read more »

Can e-Gov be a treatment for Institutional Bigotry?

Changing from country to country as of being directly linked on the culture of the society and doing business, we suffer a lot from the illness that can be defined as Institutional Bigotry. Government institutions hesitate to adopt a new business way or even to work in a new business with another gov institution. AndRead… Read more »

Sweden’s Vision of eGovernment

I haven’t had a chance to read this document yet, but wanted to share it with you. Looks like it was published November 2009, but I just saw it float across the #Gov20 hashtag. If you review it, I’m sure GovLoop’ers would be eager to get your thoughts. Sweden eGovernment of Tomorrow Favorite

Why Web Accessibility is More Than a Legal Obligation

This is a crosspost of Author: Glenda Watson Hyatt Utter the phrase “web accessibility” to a group of web designers and watch eyes immediately glaze over. Thoughts rapidly surface of how alt attributes, relative font sizes, audio transcripts and other technical requirements impede their creativity and add to their workload. However, the thoughts thatRead… Read more »

Employee Double-Dipping Damages Government in Multiple Ways

I personally was shocked at today’s USA Today article on double-dipping by state employees: But beyond highlighting the basic sleaziness of the practice, the article missed the many negative impacts to the long-term success of government. In short, governments shoot themselves in the foot when such practices are tolerated. The first casualty is reputation.Read… Read more »

Gov 2.0 Goes Local at CityCamp

Who else here hopes to make it to CityCamp in Chicago in January? Looks like a great event is shaping up of January 23-24. What kind of topics would you like to see explored? Any stories/experiences/projects you’d like to share? Also, is hosting the e-mail group for the event, so feel free to virtuallyRead… Read more »