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Small Business GWAC Program

Small businesses are the backbone of job growth and constitute a major force in the U.S. economy. They generate a vital portion of our gross domestic product (GDP) and contribute to growth and vitality of economic and socioeconomic development. In particular, small businesses create jobs and spark innovation, which complement the economic activity of largeRead… Read more »

GIS-based Real Property Management for Government

Recently, GovLoop, Esri, and PenBay Solutions hosted an online training titled, “Facilities are Mission Critical: GIS-based Real Property Management for Government”, to illustrate how facility managers can utilize GIS to improve building and real property management. The speakers for the online training included: Bill Barron, Chief Executive Officer of PenBay Soltutions Benton Yetman, Director/Strategic Technology atRead… Read more »

Avoiding the “Jaded Fed” Syndrome

We all know them – the long (or short) term career bureaucrat, counting down the days (months, decades) to retirement, seething in negativity and boredom. These employees contribute to poor public perception, engage in bristly customer service and their negativity can bring others down with them, creating a toxic work environment. Here are some tipsRead… Read more »

Citizen Engagement: How Government is Improving Customer Service

The customer is always right. If you’ve ever worked at any retailer, restaurant, or franchised store, you may have gotten a lecture or two from your manager that included this phrase. And there is definitely truth behind it. Like any good retail establishment, successful government agencies are centered on meeting the needs of the publicRead… Read more »

DorobekINSIDER: Where change is happening in government

Have you ever attended a budget meeting hosted by your city council? You usually are shown PowerPoint presentations filled with pie charts detailing how funds are dispersed. And you have access to your city website’s complete budget breakdown, including the projected one for the next fiscal year. But it may seem as though local governmentRead… Read more »