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Member of Week – Meagen Ryan – Rock Creek Strat Marketing

I first got introduced to Rock Creek Strategic Marketing during Gov 2.0 Camp when I met a rad dude named Scott Johnson. His team helped me out with a new slick GovLoop banner and generally awesomeness and also introduced me to some of his great staff like Meagen Ryan who we are featuring as GovLoopRead… Read more »

Why Marketing is Important for Government 2.0

This post originally appeared in my blog On September 8th – 10th, 2009 Anna York and I attended the Government 2.0 Expo and Summit, which was a wonderful few days where we learned tons of new stuff and met amazing people that we hope can enrich our work on the Gov20 Caucus here atRead… Read more »

Have you heard about the Fed Wave?

Federal Wave is a multi-agency exploration into Google’s new Wave platform. You and your organization are very much invited to participate. Besides the Federal Wave Wiki page, another good place to touch down and discuss things is on Synchronicity. Although there are plenty of Wave-related documents on Intellipedia today (see the links section below), theRead… Read more »

President’s SAVE Award – Sounds Wicked Cool

Just talked to OMB about this really cool program…basically the President is reaching out to government workers for ideas to improve government with winners getting awards. To me, these simple programs make so much sense, energize and empower workers, and are good for our nation…. More info below —————————- Today, the White House Office ofRead… Read more »

Leadership, Stupidity, and Assumptions

If you’ve read anything I’ve written, you know I favor government agencies using social media to meet their missions. Strongly favor. I see these tools as offering tremendous potential benefits. Yet there are also other considerations at play. Did you know the Department of Defense runs its own TV station called the Pentagon Channel? IRead… Read more »


Early in my leadership career, women role models were few and far between. One woman who helped me truly understand my power as a leader is Frances Hesselbein, Chairman of the Board of Governors, Leader to Leader Institute, Recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and Former CEO, Girl Scouts of the USA . Initially,Read… Read more »

The Decision Tree

In my experience as an executive coach, I have seen how some managers—particularly those who are new in their leadership roles—have struggled with the concept of delegation. Managers who wisely and effectively delegate are able to accomplish much more than those who lasso and corral the tasks that their employees should be doing themselves. ReasonsRead… Read more »