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Communications Are Vital to Improving Acquisitions

Two opposing views have emerged this week regarding communications with industry. According to Sen McCaskill (D-MO), chairwoman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee’s Contracting Oversight Subcommittee, the current relationship has apparently clouded the judgment of contracting officials to the point where objectivity has been compromised in contract award decisions. During a recentRead… Read more »

Protests Will Continue the Upward Trend in 2011

As 2010 is now officially in the books, one issue that we can expect to continue its trend in 2011 is contract protests. An interesting piece in the November-December 2011 Defense AT&L magazine discussed this issue, and illustrates the realities of the federal contracting environment. Mainly, budgets are tightening, competition for those shrinking dollars isRead… Read more »

Acquisition Reforms Will Focus on Oversight

As the lame duck session of the 111th Congress comes to a close, some in the acquisition community are left to wonder what lays ahead for the acquisition reform initiatives of the Obama Administration. According to many experts, the shift in political power may not make much difference for the IT and procurement communities. IRead… Read more »

Portraying Government Procurement: Is It The Media Or The Culture?

From The Acquisition Corner Recent testimony by Steve Schooner, co-director of The George Washington University’s Government Procurement Law Program, and others before the House Armed Services Committee’s Defense Acquisition Reform Panel, helped paint the picture and made valid points about how the media portrays the federal acquisition environment and the current state it is in.Read… Read more »

Progress in Afghanistan Contract Oversight; Measured Optimism

From The Acquisition Corner I recently wrote a piece for contract management improvements in reconstruction and nation-building initiatives. Updates were provided by Senator Claire McCaskill, (D-Mo), who is completing an overseas trip, including Afghanistan, and stated she was encouraged by what she saw in Afghanistan. During the trip, auditors told McCaskill oversight agencies are workingRead… Read more »

Oversight of Contracting Needs To Be Overhauled In Rebuilding Efforts

From The Acquisition Corner As the devastation unfolds in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, it is clear that rebuilding the country will be one of the greatest nation-building exercises ever undertaken. To that end, federal agencies have started turning to contractors to support the missions of recovery and relief, and ultimately, reconstruction. WhatRead… Read more »

Insourcing Debate Is About Strategy, Not Numbers

From The Acquisition Corner As the federal government continues to find ways to move contracted work back in-house, it must overcome some major obstacles. One area that has been significantly neglected is effective human capital planning. As a result, the government’s lack of in-house resources has increased its reliance on contractors to help it performRead… Read more »

Execution is the Key to Improving the Federal Acquisition Process

From The Acquisition Corner As 2009 is now in the books, the year ended with plans submitted to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) by the 24 federal agencies that account for 98% of contract actions. As reported by NextGov, these agencies have identified $19 billion in acquisition-related savings, also announced by OMB inRead… Read more »

In the Navy: Another Accountability Model in the Age of Golden Parachutes

As commanding officer of a nuclear powered aircraft carrier, Captain David Dykhoff had one of the most prestigious jobs in the Navy. But despite his superlative record, it only took one incident to end his career. When one sailor aboard his ship lit a cigarette in an unauthorized area and caused a fire, Captain DykhoffRead… Read more »

When the Lack of Oversight on Government Contracts Has Dire Consequences

From The Acquisition Corner One of the most blatant examples of contractors running amok with little to no oversight has come to light recently as a result of an investigation and subsequent report by the Project on Government Oversight (POGO). This report was created based on information from current and former employees of ArmorGroup NorthRead… Read more »